Credit Transfer

Pathway Program to Australian Universities

Applying to Australia?

-Can’t afford 3 yrs Bachelors at Australian Universities?
-Academic score below 60%?
-Income source and Education fund requirement too high?
-Can’t meet GTE requirements?

Start Off Your Educational Journey at Softwarica College,Nepal and Complete in Australia!

Softwarica College offers UK Qualification namely, Diploma and Adv. Diploma in Computing(1st  and 2nd year of UK bachelors degree) which are readily transferable to Australian Colleges and Universities. This transfer arrangement makes Australian education more affordable, contributes to meet academic requirements and decrease overall financial (income source and education fund) requirements to secure a successful visa.

More than 50 students have successfully chosen this pathway option and transferred to Australia.

Options 1st year (Diploma in Computing) 2nd year (Adv. Diploma in Computing) 3rd year Bachelor in IT Total Investment
Option 1 Softwarica College
~A$ 2000/-)
Australian Instittuion
(~A$ 23,000/-)
Australian Institution
(~A$ 23,000/-)
(A$ 48,000/-)
Option 2 Softwarica College
(~ A$ 2,000/-)
Softwarica College
(~ A$ 2,000/-)
Aus Institution
(~ A$ 23,000/-)
(A$ 27,000/-)
Australian Institutions Pathway to Bachelor in IT:
1. Australian Catholic University (ACU)
2. Deakin University
3. University of Tasmania (UTAS)
4. Melbourne Polytechnic
5. Australian Institution of Higher Education (AIH)
6. Victoria University, Sydney
7. Central Queensland University
8. Southern Cross University
Various Specializations:
1. Network Security
2. Mobile Computing/App Development
3. Software Engineering
4. Information Syste
5. Game Development
6. Web Development

* Australian Institutions provides full or part of the credit exemption according to the students merit score.
For further information regarding credit transfer, please contact Softwarica College.