A Workshop on Machine Learning and Data Science using Python

Starting December 4, 2020, Softwarica College of IT and E-Commerce organized a workshop titled “Machine Learning and Data Science using Python”. Softwarica College had already organized a lot of workshops in its years but this was a first of its kind.

With the aim to help develop its students’ interests in machine learning and data science, Softwarica College invited some of the best researchers and practitioners of the field. Due to recent difficulties with COVID-19, it was held on the video conference platform Zoom and was organized as a three-day event.

The event started on December 4, 2020, at 12:00 PM. It was organized as a daily event for three days starting at 12:00 PM and ending at 5:00 PM every day. Three of the best people in the field of machine learning and data science were trainers for three days.

Mr. Surya Basnet, who is a machine learning and data science researcher was the trainer for the first day. There were more than 40 students present at the event on the first day. The students learned about the theoretical portion of machine learning for the first few hours to get a good grasp of what machine learning is.

Mr Surya Basnet then covered topics about how a machine learns, supervised, unsupervised, and semi-supervised learning as well as a brief introduction of reinforcement learning. He also gave the students insight into the classification, regression, and normalization of data.

The second day was even merrier with more than 50 students joining in. Dr Jhanak Parajuli, a Global Data Scientist for DHL Germany was the trainer for the day. He trained students on collecting data from different kinds of datasets and using them for image processing.

He then taught students about how a machine recognizes images and identifies the object and demonstrated it as well. Most students found this fascinating and had a variety of questions that were all answered by Dr Jhanak Parajuli.

The final day had almost the same number of students who were joined by Mr Tej Shahi, who is currently doing his Ph. D. at Queensland University. He is also the assistant professor at Tribhuwan University for CDCSIT. The third day was all about data recognition and implementation.

Mr Shahi trained the students on how to follow any particular data and use it in their problem-solving model. He also covered topics like selecting algorithms, k-mean clustering, regression, naive bayes, k-nearest neighbour, and decision tree.

Most students who were asked about the workshop found it very helpful and educational. And a lot of them said their curiosity on topics in machine learning was solved with the help of this workshop. All three days of the workshop went smoothly with the trainers’ as well as the students’ enthusiasm for machine learning and data science being very noticeable.