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Softwarica College

Coventry University | Uk Affiliated University in Nepal

Softwarica College is working in collaboration with Coventry University, UK, offering a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes including BSc (Hons) Computing, BSc (Hons) Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security, BSc (Hons) Computer Science with AI, and MSc Data Science and Computational Intelligence.

Over the decades in the industry, our college has always intended to groom students with a modern and hands-on learning approach aiming to produce industry-ready graduates. The college focuses on providing IT education with an accurate blend of real-life skills for holistic development and to show the pathway for a better career to the students for which classes on personality development and soft skills are equally prioritized.  

Our college gives students exposure to the entrepreneurial world, the students are encouraged to innovate the products and showcase them on various platforms to reach a mass audience. Adding to this, the guidance and support straight from the experts makes the project more reliable and realistic. On the other hand, the college opens the gate for the students to start their career as an employee in the locally and globally known national and international standard companies. With...% employment rate within 3500+ alumni, our college has successfully developed market-ready graduates spread across the world.  

The college infrastructure has been built accordingly to deliver the ideal place where students get a real-time experience of the IT industry. The well-equipped computer labs, technical and networking labs, and an extensive collection of books about IT and business, and expert teaching faculties make the experience of students worthy.  

The three years of commitment from the prospective student is all our college needs to guarantee an extraordinary academic journey for their holistic development. The academic journey here caters to the tech-savvy and enthusiast students with regular assignments, report writing, field visits, research, group discussions, and presentations are basic features of program delivery. 

With a vision to provide real-time work experience, after completion of the course, students are provided with opportunities with renowned companies in Nepal and abroad in positions best suited to their skill level. Hence, the students that graduate from Softwarica, are the best IT professionals in the Nepali Tech Sector and have no problem scoring numerous IT opportunities. 

Why Softwarica College? 

  1. University Ranking
  2. Job Placement Assistance 
  3. Annual London Tour Programme
  4. Workshops  
  5. Global Credit Transfer
  6. Softed Group Alliance 

A message from our Campus Chief

“I welcome all the prospective students on board aiming to make the world better with technology for three years of transformation from just a student to a market-sufficient graduate.”

Global citizens have experienced an information revolution in the past few decades, the constant change demanding reach and mobility seems challenging, however, the advancement in information and communication technologies has eased the adaptability to the adjustment in the way we live and work. Specifically, with the pandemic, the prerequisite to get a lifestyle virtually has been heaven in disguise for the IT industry. In the context of our country to cater to the ever-rising demand for the information revolution adding to that to cope with the changes that took place as a consequence of the pandemic, the country needs fine graduates to fill the gap in IT human resources.

The collaboration with Coventry University strengthens the quality of education, making it an absolute blend of practical and theoretical approaches to learning and grooming the graduates to fill the crisis in IT human resources. The partnership with the university is upfront to cater to the modern demand of IT, and produce graduates with a vision thriving for the national and international outlook and exposure.

Softwarica College has always been driven by the concept of developing human resources for the IT industry since its inception, we are proud to present hundreds of market-qualified graduates working for top-notch local and global tech companies. Adding to this, our graduates have explored the world of entrepreneurship solving pressing problems correspondingly contributing to the revenue of the country. The effort to build IT professionals is being backed up with three major focuses including making the students capable of surviving in the highly competitive environment, abreast with modern technologies, and the realization to contribute to the betterment of the community.

The current situation which might or might not impact the educational sector in the long run has not been easy for us. However, with our core belief to grow the students with innovative teaching methodologies combining studies with independent research and practical application is the key to preparing the students for the future IT world. Furthermore, the pool of teaching experts and well-equipped infrastructures are a great support system to deliver quality education.

Mr. Pramod Poudel
Campus Chief
Softwarica College of IT & E-commerce
Why Softwarica?

Global Credit Transfers

The college also provides the opportunity for global credit transfer. This means that students have the option to complete their first year of studies in Nepal and then seamlessly continue the remaining years of their education abroad. Our college has established partnerships with prestigious institutions such as the Australian Catholic University  University and La Trobe University enabling a smooth credit transfer process for eligible students.

Workshops & Trainings

Regular workshops and trainings on various technical and soft-skills are organized for the benefit of students. How many times have you seen a brilliant mind with no presentation skills or no sense of what they are saying?

This is a very common problem which our students, never have to deal with. With workshops and training on various technical as well as vocational skills, our students will graduate as all-rounders.

And they are the ones who inspire others to be like them.





London Tour Programme

The senior batch competes for the opportunity to grab hands-on practical experience of the UK education method through lecture classes, workshops, and group discussions. Along with this experience, the students will observe the major tourists attraction places of UK. The college sponsors the immersion and London tour programme every year to provide exposure to the students aiming to educate the scope of IT in the Global Arena.

The students who represent the college in various programs, and have at least 90 percent attendance in each module will be selected through different rounds.

Collaboration Company

Our college has collaborated with many IT and Non- IT International and National companies for the better exposure of our students during or after their time at college. This collaboration is for mutual benefit where we provide our qualified tech skilled students to the companies as per their requirement.

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Coventry University | Uk Affiliated University in Nepal

Our University Partner

Coventry University | Uk Affiliated University in Nepal

Softwarica College is working in collaboration with Coventry University, UK, offering a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes including BSc (Hons) Computing, BSc (Hons) Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security, BSc (Hons) Computer Science with ArtificiaI Intelligence, and MSc Data Science and Computational Intelligence. Coventry University is a global, modern university with a mission of Creating Better Futures. The University received the "Queen's Award for Enterprise" in International Trade in 2022.

Founded by entrepreneurs and industrialists as the Coventry School of Design in 1843, and 2018 celebrated 175 years, Coventry University is a dynamic and outward-looking institution with a tradition of teaching excellence, impactful research and bold international partnerships. Through Coventry’s worldwide network of collaborators in academia and industry, the 50,000+ learners studying its degrees across the world enjoy access to global opportunities which aim to enhance their future employment prospects. 

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Coventry University

No.3 in UK for students overseas

Based on in-person delivery of TNE Programmes with an overseas institution, HESA data 2020/21

Coventry University

5 QS Stars for Internationalization

QS Stars University Ratings 

Coventry University

No. 23 in World for 'International Outlook'

The Young University Rankings 2022

Coventry University

Top 100 in World for 'International Outlook'

The World University Rankings 2022

Coventry University

19,000+ students studying Coventry University courses overseas

HESA Data 2020/2021

SoftEd Group of Companies

Softed is a group of companies delivering services, emphasizing technology in particular. We started with the major goal of educating people about technology and ended up educating them through technology, we have come a long way since we started. Shaped by a diverse group of entrepreneurial people working together to create a diverse business, we have pushed our boundaries by not just limiting ourselves to education and technology, but also expanding through a sub domain "Softed Business" which is also entering into various business domains such as tourism, healthcare, and e-commerce. Working towards the overall development of society with a wide range of services available for each age group, we have taken an initiation called "Softed for everyone", where everyone will profit or thrive as a result of its services and job possibilities. Our organization will continue to expand in the future, contributing more bricks to the nation's development. We believe that each organization has the potential to make a significant difference in the world. As a result, we are dedicated to the betterment of the country by providing numerous chances for the country's youth and country's growth.

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