I can still remember the day when I was wondering about what will I become when I grow up.

I had a huge interest in computer science, but the career path was not clear. Studying at Softwarica helped me gain knowledge and understanding I started working as software developer while I was still studying at Softwarica. Currently Im working as a software developer in Instagram.

Sujan Shrestha
Software Engineer, Instagram

It gives me great pleasure with pride to say that I am part of Softwarica college.

After years from my graduation, I am still in touch with my teachers back there who always helped me make crucial decisions of my life. Because of my strong base while at Softwarica, I built a website called It wouldn't have been possible without all the knowledge and time at Softwarica

Dipendra Pokharel

My journey in college was filled with adventures.

I explored distinct aspects and avenues of IT and chose to move forward with Artificial Intelligence for my career. This field is full of opportunities and I encourage all my juniors to pursue their career. I am very thankful to my college for giving me the exposure to work in a highly demanded industry.

Kabita Lama
AI Engineer, Dogma Group

Joining Softwarica was a turning point of my Life

I was always interested on both art and technology from my early age. During my days at Softwarica, I found them both at once, and I was given the best opportunity to embrace my skills and take my time to sharpen them. I got to learn how to use technology to transform art and apply them in Business.

Sujesh Harsha Bajracharya
Creative Head, Harsha Designs

I joined Softwarica at a time when I was unsure about what I wanted to pursue in my career.

However, as I was very fond of technology and computers , I believe it led me to Softwarica for my bachelors. At Softwarica, I was able to learn and progress academically, meet great friends, make amazing memories, & develop valuable skills & assets which I still find myself implementing in the real world.

Ruven Shilpakar
Sr. Marketing Manager, Sagar Group

I have been working for a Multinational Company Dish Home, since past 5+ years.

I was very fortunate to have received an offer of employment by this company while I was still in my final year of my undergraduate degree at Softwarica College. Softwarica College has played a key role in securing this rewarding and career focused employment.

Hikmat Saud
Database Administrator & Software Engineer, Dish Home

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