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Bsc hons computing in nepal

We learnt in school that food, shelter and clothing are the basic needs of humans. However, in this modern world, where technology is evolving rapidly, computers have become an inseparable part of our lives, making it another human basic need to an extent in career prospects. This is where IT courses come into the picture.

IT field comprises various domains but you have to decide which domain suits you the best. It’s always advisable to seek career guidance from IT professionals when you are not sure which IT course you should take up. As you start exploring, you would find BSc hons Computing to be one of the most popular IT programme in Nepal.

BSc Computing course is designed for those who wish to specialize in the development of modern computer-based systems. In this blog, we will explain everything you need to know about BSc Computing in Nepal.

What is BSc hons Computing?

Bsc (hons) Computing is an international degree that deals with the analytical analysis of students on the basis of the IT subject. It is a three-year programme that focuses on the technical aspects of computing and encourages students to develop extensive knowledge in computer programming.

One with a BSc hons computing degree gets to explore different ideas and develop innovative solutions to current issues in the computing industry.

The BSc hons Computing programme aims to:

  • Develop broadly applicable IT skills including programming, networking, databases, web technologies and usability.
  • Develop extensive knowledge of computer programming.
  • Build communication skills, project management skills, and presentation skills through project works.
  • Build a supportive course community to drive innovation through the programme.
  • Make it flexible to meet students’ career aspirations.

Why Choose BSc hons Computing in Nepal?

BSc (hons) computing offers you opportunities to develop programming skills by designing, building and implementing computer systems. This course helps you attain the technical knowledge and employability skills required to pursue a successful IT career in Nepal. Below are the top 4 reasons why you should consider choosing BSc hons Computing in Nepal.

  1. Always in Demand

BSc hons Computing is the perfect choice for millennials and the generations after them. There is a huge demand for IT professionals in Nepal, which opens excellent career opportunities for IT professionals to explore the field and show their talent. IT professionals are so much in demand that IT companies seek out talented students even before they complete their graduation. You will have a plus point in getting an IT job if you have a BSc hons Computing degree in your hand.

  1. Variety of Career Choices

BSc (hons) Computing is incredibly diverse. This degree allows you to take your career in a variety of directions. A BSc computing degree in Nepal opens the door for you to choose a variety of IT professions, including web developer, computer network architect, computer programmer, database administrator, computer systems analyst, information architect, information security analyst, and much more. IT graduates can also be prepared to specialize in wider areas of interest with this programme.

  1. Find Work in Any Field

Almost every company and organization needs computer experts to keep their systems up and running. With a BSc Computing degree, you can get a job in almost every industry, including financial services, entertainment, healthcare, hospitality, government, manufacturing and retail.

  1. Highly Paid Jobs

Choosing a BSc. hons Computing in Nepal is influenced by numerous factors and one of them, without a doubt, is the amount of money you’ll make. BSc hons Computing graduates are expected to earn a handsome amount of money.

Graduating with a BSc hons Computing degree not only opens career opportunities in Nepal but also allows students to get an IT job abroad and earn foreign currency.

According to a Setopati report, around 20 thousand Nepalese have been active in the IT profession in different foreign countries and each one is making $5000 per month. This data is self-explanatory why you should choose an IT career in Nepal, and what else would be better than a BSc hons Computing degree for a successful IT career.

BSc hons Computing program at Softwarica

After knowing all the benefits of choosing Bsc hons Computing in Nepal, you probably have already made up your mind to study BSc computing, but where to study BSc Computing in Nepal? Well, finding the best BSc hons Computing college in Nepal could be a frustrating task for you. While looking for the best college for BSc hons computing in Nepal, you may come up with a few options in your mind, and one of them would definitely be Softwarica.

In collaboration with Coventry University, Softwarica College offers a three-year BSc. Computing program. Throughout this flexible and far-reaching undergraduate program, you will get sought-after skills in the computing streams.

What We Offer

  • Detailed knowledge and a critical understanding of key aspects of computing, including  Internet programming, artificial intelligence, database applications, and networking.
  • Practical and theoretical understanding of technical analysis and systems development.
  • Focusing on individual needs, we help students find learning strategies.
  • Assignments and projects to mimic industry processes.
  • Dedicated laboratories and servers with high-specification hardware and the latest software to provide you with industry-equivalent hands-on experience.
  • A warm and friendly environment for your studies.
  • Excellent student support and library services.
  • Co-operative working experience through group projects.
  • Events and Sports including Futsal, Basketball, Cricket, Hackathon (Code mania, capture the flag), Softskill workshop, IoT Expo, dance and singing competition and much more…

At Softwarica, you won’t have to read those bulky books again. Instead, you will be practically learning programming and the fundamentals of computing from the very first semester. Join your BSc Computing Programme at Softwarica College, and start your IT journey now.

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