BSc Hons Computing – potential career path to become an IT specialist

B.Sc. Hons Computing

Today computers and mobiles are an integral part of the day-to-day lives of people as they often rely on computers and mobile devices to carry out their daily work and those devices are of no use without software, networking, programs, and applications. IT specialists develop and manage those elements in computers and mobile devices. The IT sector is an ever-growing career opportunity for people having an interest in technology. B.Sc. Hons computing course helps you develop a prosperous career in the IT sector as the course is focused on developing the skills for becoming an IT specialist. 

So, what do you learn with Bsc Hons computing? Development of high skills in networking, computer programming, system designing, website development, and database management are the key highlights. Recently, Nepal is also moving towards the digital world at a fast-paced speed increasing the demand for IT experts in Nepal. 

Are you passionate about technology?  Here is an opportunity for you to convert your love and passion for technology into a fulfilling career. Enroll yourself in a Bsc Hons in computing degree and make a career in the field where you will never get bored. 

Why study B.Sc. Hons Computing?

There are many relevant degrees that specialize in Information Technology. So, what is Bsc Hons computing good for that makes it different from other degrees? B.Sc. Hons computing is an internationally recognized degree. Unlike many other IT courses, the Bsc Hons computing course is designed with a balanced approach to theory and practical-based learning. 

The practical approach focuses on real-life problems, as a result, IT specialists after completion of this degree comfortably fit in their first workplace. Also, there are many career options from this course, so you have multiple options to select your career in the IT field. With this course, you can work on software as well as networking sectors as you develop the skills required including but not limited to the roles of software engineer, system analyst, technical software manager, database developer, and network specialist. 

Obviously, it is difficult to select the field to specialize in from the beginning of the course. Deciding on the fields before understanding them can be a big mistake in the future. In a Bsc Hons degree, you will spend your beginning year understanding and learning about the different relevant fields in the IT career. Once you have a closer look at all the subjects, it is easier for you to choose the desired subject as you continue your course further. 

We all are aware of the importance of soft skills when working in any organization. The group projects as an important part of this degree also develop your communication, project management, and teamwork ability in addition to your technical skill. 

Bsc Hons computing degree goes with the latest computer languages following the latest trends and technologies and it is very crucial in the IT field as the programming languages are not the same at all times as they keep upgrading regularly.

A Scenario of B.Sc. Hons Computing in Nepal

These days, we can see that the IT industry is also expanding in Nepal, and as a result demand for IT specialists has grown immensely.  BSc Hons computing in Nepal produces well-skilled IT professionals to meet that demand.

Considering the growth opportunities in IT industries, many students are attracted to IT courses and they always look for more advanced courses. Bsc Hons computing colleges in Nepal offer Bsc Hons computing courses as an alternative to traditional IT courses.

Let’s go through the Bsc Hons computing syllabus to learn what the course has to offer typically.

  • Year 1

The first year is all about building a strong base for the course. So, the maximum number of subjects are introductory subjects. In the first semester, the subjects like Computing All Project 1, Software Design, Programming and Algorithms, and Mathematics for Computer Science introduce you to the basic approaches for programming, managing software projects, designing software, and sorting algorithms. Basic computing tools such as python, Trello, GitHub, and Git are important topics included in the subjects.

In the 2nd semester, you will learn the details regarding the programming techniques and designs. Software development, hardware, and networking management are among the important topics to learn. The subjects such as Computer Architecture and Networks, Object Oriented Programming, and Database Systems enable you to effectively use the computing tools such as MySql server, Python Matplotlib, Cico Packet Tracer, Java, Junit, Apache Tomcat, etc making you proficient in software development and networking. Likewise, “Creative Thinking for Business’ ‘ is included in the subject for understanding the business model and developing creative problem-solving skills in business management. 

  • Year 2

In the first semester of 2nd year, the subjects such as Programming for Developers, Web Development, and Software Development advances your skills for full-stack web application development, functional programming, and software development.

As you move forward to the second semester, you are introduced to subjects including People and Computing, Enterprise Projects, and Data Science for Developers. The focus is on understanding professional ethics, and industry-standard practices, and developing a friendly user interface design for all.

  • Year 3

Similar to the previous two years, the 3rd year is also completed in 2 semesters. In the first semester, you learn the approach and tools for academic research and for developing web API and mobile applications. The computing tools such as ReactJS, ExpressJS, JavaScript, OpenSSL, Swift, Flutter, etc. are learned during the semester. The subjects included are Computing Project Preparation, Mobile Application Development, Web API Development, and Design Thinking and Innovation.

In the second semester, the subjects such as UX Design, Security, and Individual Projects prepare you for designing effective user interfaces and defensive programming. Moreover, you learn to be proficient in a specialization topic. 

The Scope of B.Sc. Hons Computing in Nepal

After completing B.Sc. Hons computing course, you will have wide options of working fields to select from. Interested to know about the best career options for you? Read on.

Computer Programmer

Ever wondered, how the computer software that we depend on so much is built? Thanks to the computer programmer for developing that software for us. Computer programmers use different computer languages such as C++, Java, etc. for developing software programs. 

Web application developer

If you are an internet user, then you are most familiar with web browsers. It is a web browser that has kept us connected right now. Web application developers use a combination of different computer languages to build the programs that run on web browsers. 

Mobile Application developer

Let us ask you a question, what will you find the most probably if you check the pockets of people these days? Yes, you are correct, the answer is “mobile phones”.  In fact, people use mobile phones more than computers or laptops. Mobile application developers are those IT specialists who develop mobile-friendly applications. 

UI designer

UI designers are professionals working to provide a quality experience to users. They create user-friendly interfaces after researching the needs and requirements of the users. 

Software Engineer

Software engineer develops or builds the software or programs of the computer. Moreover, they also maintain the developed programs with regular tests and evaluations.

Information Technology Manager

IT managers are responsible for looking after the Information Technology department of the organization. They handle all the IT projects and provide digital structure to the organization. As IT managers, they ensure that all the software and hardware are well organized and managed. 

For many students, financial security after their study is a major concern. So, it is not surprising that after the completion of a B.Sc. Hons computing course, salary is a topic of curiosity.

Are you also concerned with the Bsc Hons computing salary in Nepal? Here is an answer to your concern, Payscale reports that the average salary for Bsc Hons computing to be NRs 5, 00,000. Note that the salary for different fields is different, however, one thing is sure you will get attractive payment in every field.

How to Become an IT Specialist After studying BS (Hons) in computing in Nepal?

Now, we know that BSc Hons computing courses offer a range of career options. However, you may encounter some challenges before establishing yourself as a proficient IT specialist. Ever wondered, how to develop a path to enter the IT world after studying BSc Hons computing in Nepal? Here are some steps to assist you.

Prepare Yourself

Before entering real jobs, it is always beneficial to evaluate yourself. Review what you have learned during the course and prepare yourself before entering your dream career. 

Look for opportunities

As the digital world grows continuously, organizations constantly look for IT specialists. You can expect vacancies for many Bsc Hons computing jobs today and in the future. So, research for the job vacancies based on your specialization and find the organization that is looking for professionals with your qualifications and skills.  

Grab the opportunity

Once you are confident that you have all the qualifications and skills required as an IT specialist, come in contact with the potential employer to explain what you have got to offer.  

With the real-life projects during your course, it will not be that difficult for you to adapt to your first workplace. 


You can find many IT-relevant courses, but what makes BSc Hons computing course unique is that it is well balanced with a mixture of classroom study approach and real-life practical exposure. 

You may be surprised that Nepal being a developing country offers so much scope for IT specialists. Now just imagine the opportunity for you in the international market. Fascinating right? With Bsc Hons computing in Nepal, you can take your career to an international level. 

Ok, you are not interested in being an employee, but rather looking to become a company owner rather. No worries, after the completion of the degree, you will also be able to open your own IT startup. Fulfill your dream of becoming an entrepreneur with a Bsc Hons computing in Nepal.

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