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Why linkedin is important for Students in Technology?

This is the digital age. It is safe to say that we all have an online identity. Through our social media profiles, online presence and activities, we have made a space for ourselves in the world of internet and digital communication. The online space is elastic and ever so expandable. When applying for any job […]

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IoT Tour to Butwal

IoT, which stands for the Internet of Things, are those embedded technologies integrated with the help of the Internet enhancing its computing capabilities with the use of data analytics to gather information related to our daily lives communicating with each other and making our lives easier. The objects will be able to collect our data, […]

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Ten things you can do after 10+2/A+Level Exams

Things might look confusing after you finish your 12th grade board exams. It  is the end of ‘high school’ and now you enter the realm of adulting, where everything seems fast-paced and intimidating. Here’s a thought – don’t think too much into it. Most adults you meet are winging it and probably don’t have much […]

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