Experience of Certified Scrum Developer (CSD)

The Certified Scrum Developer is a five (5) days training and certification course provided by scrum alliance, that was organized by Agile Nepal on DEC 12-16, 2018, In Hotel Manang.

I took my CSD training where I was coached by Mr. M. Mizanur Rahman along with 30 Participants from several IT companies. I did not have much of real-world software development experience, as I was the only the lecturer (Softwarica college) in whole training session, which motivated me to learn and earn the degree even more.

My training began on Dec 12 th , day 1 was all about the Agile engineering. I learned a lot of new things and ideology of Agile mindset. The following day I acquired an incredible knowledge on Scrum. Day three began with a technical course on Scrum. Our trainer taught us how we could implement
Scrum to the software development. During my endeavor to CSD I learned a lot of techniques and tools for software development using scrum. Mr. Mizanur exhibited the benefits of implementing scrum as compared to traditional software development process with many technical details. During my CSD technical course (3 days) I learned about the roles and responsibility of each of the member in the scrum team including Product owner (PO). He taught us the significance and principles of scrum in practical manner such as we were teamed up with our fellow participants in a group of 5, that taught us true meaning of collaboration, communication and cross functional team, which is highly suggested in Scrum. I was teamed up with 4 software developers from different IT companies. As a lecturer, before CSD training I only had the theoretical knowledge on Agile, so I got a chance to learn, about real-world problems and Scenario that are faced by software development companies, from my team members. Which I can now implement as my teaching materials for my future lectures. Our trainer showed us how to implement TDD (Test Driven Development), BDD (Behavior Driven Development) and ATDD (Acceptance Test Driven Development) through various frameworks during our technical course session. Also, I enriched my knowledge in sprint planning and reviews. I learned to use several automation tools such as Selenium, JMeter, FitNesse and many more. We were also taught about CICD (Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment). On the last day of training we had presentation session by each group, in which my team presented on Builder, Composite and Interpreter design patterns.

Overall the CSD training went well, as we had a wonderful and supportive instructor Mr. Mizanur to whom I am truly thankful. It was a wonderful experience and it is my immense pleasure to have such training and certification. As well as I am humbly thankful to my college (Softwarica college of IT & E-commerce) to provide me an opportunity to attend such an event. I suggest my students, colleagues, software engineers and all the scrum enthusiast to get CSD in their near future.