Extended Education

Value Added Programmes

Education should not be limited to books and theories. For that we have started extended education. This includes activity based learning, learning by doing hackathons, career counselling session from industry experts and soft skills training etc. A student can choose to participate in multiple different areas besides their studies to define themselves as a tech-expert. And we help with just that! Have you noticed how your friend is into many things besides just books and lectures? How do they know so many things that you don’t? Well, this is the place to change that. This is your chance to be that friend in your circle.

Design Thinking

3 Days Camp

Tackling a problem requires a set of skills and a keen eye to look for solutions. Everyday from problems that concern the wider population to mundane issues in our daily lives, we need to think outside of the box to bring out solutions. We help students learn about the technicalities of Design Thinking and understand the process of Empathizing, Defining, Ideating, Prototyping & Testing to bring out what the world needs right now. Students don’t just learn the traits of the trade but also how to bring forth their ideas and make a dent in the world.

Model United Nations

3 Days Camp

Model United Nations is an extra-curricular activity in which students typically role-play as delegates of the United Nations and simulate the UN committees. Never has role-playing been so challenging and of international gravity. Students need to understand the world economics and trends. Students need to pitch in ideas to solve problems, not just their own but of the world’s. This would be the stage where the world is looking up to you.


3 Days Camp

Our students participate in annual Bootcamps to help their ideas get a platform to be a massive success. You can have a million ideas but without the proper support and technical knowledge they will end up in one of your notes. We help our students get a direct pass to different Accelerators and Investors to bring their ideas to life. They not only get a platform to share their ideas but also to make it better and above all, make them their own.

Workshops and Trainings

Regular workshops and trainings on various technical and soft-skills are organized for the benefit of students. How many times have you seen a brilliant mind with no presentation skills or no sense of what they are saying? This is a very common problem which our students, never have to deal with. With workshops and training on various technical as well as vocational skills, our students will graduate as all-rounders. And they are the ones who inspire others to be like them.

Graphics Design

Our design classes are engineered in such a way that no student- beginner or professional is left out. There’s something for everyone.


Students will explore and enhance their skills and creativity in the field of robotics, electronics, art and technology.

Presentation Skills

We provide our students with knowledge on how to present their ideas in front of a board or a mass. Either way, we teach them to succeed.

Event Management

Learning how to perform under pressure, leading a team and the importance of communication is instilled in our students via various events they organize in and out of the campus.

Web Technologies

Students learn about the basics of web development, server knowledge and they are also actively involved in open source projects.

Agile Mindset

We teach our students the values of working in a team, respect, collaboration, improvement and learning cycles, pride in ownership, focus on delivering value, and the ability to adapt to change.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the next big thing and our students learn how to use this to their advantage. From promoting businesses to getting their desired audience’s attention, they know it all.

Software Engineering Practices

Students learn the concepts, principles, methods, and tools used by software engineers and managers to plan and develop any software.

Creative Writing

Our students learn about creative writing and their implications on their personal and professional life like Business Proposals, Content Writing, etc.

Business Branding

Technology directly influences the world of branding, marketing and advertising these days. Students learn how to be a part of it.


Whether your passion lies in Photography or Videography, we make sure our students learn it all as a welcome addition to the course.

Game Development

Training on cross-platform game engine- Unity will be conducted for game enthusiasts and lovers of digital games.

Artificial Intelligence

We teach the principles and practices around artificial intelligence (AI), automation and cognitive system to prepare our students for the future.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Students learn the latest and greatest in VR and their applications in the modern world from medicine to engineering.


Students learn the practice of manipulating the traffic or conversion in any website over search engines like Google or Bing.

Data Science With R

With the knowledge of how to make sense of large datasets and finding patterns in them, our students are also equipped with the programming language R.

Mobile Apps Development

We provide the knowledge on development of mobile apps for different platforms like Android and iOS

Security /Testing

Our students learn the ins and outs of the softwares, their vulnerabilities and how to secure them to present a full product.