Can I transfer from Bsc. (Hons) Computing to Ethical Hacking or vice versa?

Yes, you may.

Coventry University has approved that transfer at Stage 1, Post Semester 1 – Transfer to be completed no later than the 2nd teaching week of Semester 2 Stage. However, there are certain procedures to be followed which are as mentioned below:

  • The student will first submit a written request application to either Program Office or Academic Coordinator for such transfers with reasons clearly specified.  
  • The student should submit such application at least 1-2 weeks before the start date of Semester 2 Stage. This will give us some time to investigate, update transfer student’s information in moodle and update student information in all departments.
  • Before the decision is taken, PO will check if student’s Semester 1 due is pending or not. This can be done during the time when a student submits their application. This application must be stamped from the Admission office. 
  • The student will be informed about the decision either by phone, email or he/she will be called to meet a Programme Officer or Academic Coordinator.

What happens if I fail in any of the modules?

If a student is not able to pass the modules then he/she will get only one chance to reappear the examination. If they fail succeed in this attempt, then there two consequences:

  • Either the student will have to withdraw from the program.
  • Or, the student will have to repeat the examination with attendance (i.e. student should attend lectures of the modules they have failed or the entire semester).

The entire decision on progression of the student will be made by the University only.

Is attendance important?

Yes, it is very important. Your attendance should not be lesser than 80% in every module.

Absent request only in urgent and crucial cases shall be approved. For that the student must submit a hand written application to the academic co-ordinator.

What can happen if my attendance is below 80%?

If the student is unable to maintain 80% attendance at minimum in any of the modules,

  • First action: Verbal Warning and the student is requested to clarify the reasons for the absence with evidence.
  • Second Action: If the student further fails to maintain their attendance even after the first action, their parents will be called for a meeting.
  • Third action: Even after the second action if the student fails to maintain the attendance requirement on any of the modules, the module leader(lecturer) of that particular module shall disqualify the student from taking any further assessment(coursework & written exam).

When the student is marked not qualified (NQ), then he/she may have to repeat the semester with attendance.

Note: Additional semester fees and other fees may be applicable if the students are forced to repeat the semester with attendance.