General Questions 

How can I apply in Softwarica College? 

You can visit our website www.softwarica.edu.np and fill the form by clicking on “Apply Now”. 

What are the admission requirements for Ethical Hacking or Computing? 

You must have completed your +2 with minimum of 2.0 GPA. 

As for A-levels students, you will need a minimum of 3.5 credit. 

Which university is it affiliated to? 

Softwarica is affiliated to Coventry University, UK.  

Is there any Entrance Exam? 

There is no entrance exam. However, you will have to take an English test similar to IELTS, i.e., GETS to be fully enrolled. (If you have an IELTS with 5.5 in each band or an equivalent score of TOEFL, then you will not have to give the GETS Examination.) 

Is IELTS necessary? 

IELTS is not mandatory but you will have to give a similar English Test (GETS) after admission which is free of cost. 

Are there any job opportunities for students? 

  • We provide national and international job opportunities for the deserving graduate students.  
  • The part/full-time job opportunities are also provided within the college for existing students. 
  • The internships in renowned companies and industries are also announced from time to time.  

How many intakes are there in a year? 

There are two intakes every year; Summer (March) Intake and Fall (November) Intake.

Academic Queries

What happens if my attendance is lower than 80%? 

You will not be eligible to submit any assignments and will not be allowed to give examinations. You may have to repeat the semester.

Where can I learn more and find materials related to my Course? 

  • You will have to take access to our E-Library from the academic department. 
  • The materials are shared in each student’s Campus4.0. 
  • Coventry Student Portal also contains a lot of studying materials that can be accessed through the Coventry ID provided by the academic department. 

How do I contact the Student Support Department? 

What happens when I fail my module? 

  • If the student fails again in his/her first resit, then s/he needs to pay the repetition fee for each failed module. 
  • If the student again fails in his/her second attempt, then his/her upgraded semester will be stopped until s/he passes the failed module. 

What is Campus4.0? How can I access it? 

  • Campus4.0 is a student portal for students-staff (teachers) interaction with all the student records and study materials and notices. It is also where the assignments are given and need to be submitted.  
  • You can access your Campus4.0 by going to the website campus.softwarica.com.np and log in with the student ID and password (first provided by the academic department). 

How can I reset my Campus4.0 password? 

You will have to contact the academic department via, academic.services002@softwarica.edu.np 

Where can I find the routine of Softwarica College? 

You can find the routine through this link, tinyurl.com/softwarica-routine 

How can I reset my Coventry student portal password? 

You need to contact your Academic Head (Bhas Raj Pathak or Achyut Timsina) via Microsoft Teams. 

Where can I find my grade reports? 

The grade can be viewed in Campus4.0 on “My Results” under your profile page. 

Where can I find information on college Events, Seminars and workshops? 

There is a “News and Announcements” Section which can be viewed via this link. https://softwarica.edu.np/news/  

All the information regarding events, workshops and seminars are posted here. 

For NCC Students 

Can I still complete my NCC examination and assignments? 

Yes, you can give the examinations and assignments. You will need to contact the examination department. 

Where can I contact for my re-exam and assignment of NCC? 

You will need to register for the examinations in the Admission Department. 

Can I still join Coventry University after completing NCC 2 years? 

Yes, you can join for the Top-up Year (3rd Year). 

Do NCC students still need to attend GETS examination? 

When joining Coventry University, all the students should give GETS examination for full enrollment. (If they have an IELTS with 5.5 score in each band or an equivalent score of TOEFL then, they will not have to give GETS Examination.)