How do successful people choose to spend their free time?

The dictionary meaning of successful is ‘accomplishing a desired aim or result’. To accomplish the aim, you must have a vision, creativity and the determination to put in the hard work. Most people have it – the vision, the creativity, the determination and a goal. But what makes successful people so different? Let’s think about it! They work hard, they are determined, but what do they do during their free times? Maybe that is what makes the difference!

Here are five things that successful people do to spend their free time:

1. They practice creative hobbies 

Everyone has hobbies, right? Some of us like to read, some of us like to dance. Some of us like to write while some of us like to play instruments. These are all creative in their own way and benefit us to grow. For example: Mark Zuckerberg spends time reading as many books as possible, it helps him expand his knowledge. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer said she loves baking when she has free time. 

These creative hobbies can not only sharpen your mind but also help you look at the world from a wider perspective.

2. They take productive classes 

You don’t have to go anywhere to take any extra classes these days. There are millions of online and offline classes where we can learn and practice as many new things as we want. Well, that’s what successful people do. They take productive classes to advance themselves. The former CEO of Twitter, Dick Costolo, says that studying improv comedy allowed him to become a better leader. 

You are never too late or too successful to learn new things.

3. Get a digital detox 

We are in such times that our life won’t function without technology. Everyone has a digital presence and we want to keep up with that, but it can also be very stressful, and affect our minds. Imagine how stressful it must be for successful people who work in technology. In such cases, they often take a digital detox during their free time.For example, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg shuts off her phone at night when she goes to sleep, because she doesn’t want to be woken up. 

Getting a digital detox can be like clearing the clutter or restarting the computer – a fresh start. 

4. Get out of the obvious bubble, and network!

Author and business and creativity expert Danielle LaPorte recommend getting out of your obvious bubble: If you’re a chef, go to a museum. If you’re a painter, head to a top restaurant. Try something new. The Google co-founder, Sergey Brin is an avid adrenaline junkie who spends his free time pushing himself to the limit, including doing anything with wheels, dangling from extreme heights, or with the word “ultimate” — think ultimate frisbee. 

Just because you are on a specific career path doesn’t mean you have to be on it all the time. Maybe explore a little south during your free time? It might be fun!

5. Get a little sporty

It’s important to focus on your physical health. For a lot of successful people, it’s a great priority despite being super busy. And they like to make it fun.

Jack Dorsey, the Twitter and Square founder and CEO has his hands full on any given week. However, despite that– or perhaps even because of it– he dedicates his Saturdays to hiking, as it helps him clear his mind. Bill Gates likes to play tennis to keep himself upbeat.

Make taking care of your physical health fun. Get a little sporty.

Therefore, let’s take inspiration from these amazingly successful people and indulge ourselves in activities that will actually benefit us, and cater to our own well-being.