IoT Exhibition Butwal 2020

IoT Exhibition 2020 organized by the IT and Editorial Club of Softwarica College has helped to increase the creativity, knowledge, and skills of students. They have been conducting seminars on cybersecurity, hackathon, exhibition of IoT projects, robots and drones,  workshop on IBM certification (AI), CCNA, Python, AR/VR and many more. With this club, we went on a journey to display what was possible with the help of IT to some educational institutions in Butwal. The main initiative of this exhibition was to remove the stereotype in jobs where one would normally think of being a Doctor, Nurse or CA. We went there with the objective to show people how Information  and Technology (IT) is better for them individually and nationwide itself.

We visited three colleges of Butwal: Kalika, New Horizon and Korea Nepal Institute of Technology(KNIT) in the given order. Each college provided a unique experience on their own. The first college(Kalika College) included many students from school and to our amazement, they were already exposed to the idea  and equipment of IoT. Most of them had some knowledge of the projects that were on display, which made our visit worthwhile. A group even explained and asked about the system and technology that were in use and cared to explain to his schoolmates about the arduino board that was used in most projects. Lego game for creativity was also played that showcased the students determination and imagination being unfolded.

Secondly, we were welcomed by The New Horizon College. The energy of the students there was exhilarating. Each of them were curious about the exhibition and also stated their interest in the field. Having some prior information of the project, they were astonished to learn the possibilities that IT held for the future. Taking these possibilities into account, their view of ambition and career widened and also created a vision of themselves progressing in the tech world itself.

Lastly, Korea Nepalese Institute of Technology which is already a college for technology, also had some interesting insights. Although engulfed with automations, they were astonished to see projects such as 3D printing, drone and Rubiks Cube solver. To see such tasks being executed first hand, their experience seemed joyful as their interaction with the team had some curiosity and related information at the same time.

On the whole, the experience was splendid considering it was our first time performing an exhibition outside the college, let alone outside the valley. Each visit exceeded our expectations encouraging us to do more, do better than what had done previously. The reactions, interactions and curiosity from students energised every session. We had games, projects, question answers, each getting better throughout the time. However, we could have done better and with enough effort, we will do it in the future.