Let’s Change our Perception

We humans have always been fascinated with changes. We are always in a rush to constantly update ourselves to overcome any circumstances. Since the dawn of time, humans have been evolving to become what they are. Likewise, in the era of science and technology, everyday new updates pop up – enhancing the services of gadgets to bring radical changes in our lives.

Recently, the outbreak of coronavirus has caused catastrophic consequences over our life. Despite its first appearance in 2019, the virus also seems to prefer change as its new variant has intensified in 2021. The virus showed how evolved species tend to get stronger and adapt themselves gracefully in the given circumstances.

Universities have come forward and conducted numerous research to foresee the situation that might arise shortly. Likewise, WHO (World Health Organization) and various laboratories of different countries have been working together to mitigate the crisis that came upon us. The constant effort from each of these organizations was able to formulate the vaccine. However, the virus is still threatening the entire humanity and mocking us.

Recently the issues related to respiration have been highlighted. The scarcity of ventilators has led to the death of several individuals who could have given a tough call to live, had they been provided with enough resources. The government and the authorities have raised their hands regarding any assistance in the given scenarios.

The circumstances are worse when countries like Nepal can’t afford such equipment. In a country of 30 million, we have been able to administer 2.4 million shots of the vaccine. Despite the stats, there is a minute amount of people who have taken both doses. However, people have reported being affected by the virus even after administering double doses. Thus, it shall be rather insensible to quote vaccines as an absolute defense against the virus.

Another perception of Nepal shows around 8,000 engineers who graduate every year. These stats don’t include any IT professionals who graduated through various universities. During their course, every student submits assignments and projects. These assignments and projects groom an individual to prepare for the industry and the
upcoming challenges in the real world.

However, students of our country misinterpreted the gist of such projects. Today everyone hustles to escalate their marks with no intention of innovating and improving our life. Even the education system should be equally responsible for this, instead of appreciating students to push for their innovations. The institutions suppress the potential invention with deadlines and fear of grades.

Let us suppose, if one of the students had made a low-cost mini ventilator in one of the projects and somehow verified it through the medical council. Today, the brave ‘Gorkhalis’ would have been standing fearless against the deadly coronavirus. It’s just a matter of motivation and a small platform that could cause small inventions to bring a
life-changing revolution.

Catastrophe is swift, yet radical changes seek patience. It might take a few decades for our education system to change but, it’s just a matter of seconds to change our perceptions. The world has been torn apart by the virus and we must come together and help each other.

Thus, if we tune ourselves for bringing a change, our small innovation could mark significant assistance in changing the face of society, nation, and the entire world. In conclusion, the rush to achieve good grades should only come forward, had the mind failed to contribute through any innovations.

Author: Suman Bashyal