Let’s re-evaluate thyself!

It’s about time we discussed about whatever we are going through. It’s been more than a month that this quarantine started and we’ve been nowhere but our homes. Isn’t it fascinating to believe that none of us really thought we’d end up like this? Didn’t we all have our plans to finish our boards and then finally take a moment to live our lives?

Broken mirror mirroring broken dreams!

But look at us now!

Trapped in these four walls with no company but you. Fed up with whatever the situation is and wishing it were all over.

But are we really sure we want this to end? Because the more time we’ve spent on imagining our “perfect vacation” after the exams, the less time we’ve invested in our studies. As given the situation, there’s nothing we’ve done except complain. Were we really raised like this? To be pouting over an inevitable circumstance instead of just accepting the reality!

The thing is, we need to stop masquerading our thoughts on whatever we want to believe. Because that is not taking us anywhere but to our own doom. Yeah right, you read it correct, “our own doom”.

We’ve been doing everything, but taking care of ourselves lately. What are we feeding our minds and our soul? Some hilarious memes? Gaming all day? Netflix and chill? Facebook/Insta/Snapchat?

You know, we could do something better and worth our while that not just passes our time but makes us feel like we’ve actually achieved something.

All I am trying to do is make all of you evaluate your actions and your words.

It was New Year just recently. You must have had resolutions that you made. But why are you waiting for the pandemic to end to pursue them? Isn’t the right time to start NOW!? You have got all the time you can ever ask for! You can freely do whatever you please, that you didn’t have time for previously.
Like investing on your hobbies, interest and most importantly, you yourself. This should be a time to explore yourself and find your identity, your personality, where you stand in your life and finally where you want to be in the future.

Now returning to the one thing all of us are overlooking, the validation that awaits. The confirmation that the world/universe asks when we are pursuing what we want, the certificates that mark the proof of our hard work. The examinations that we will need to take as soon as this quarantine is over, which right now is unpredictable. But aren’t we supposed to be prepared for all the uncertainties that lies ahead and catches us off-guard?

Then why are you compromising this very thing that directly impacts your career and your life by wasting all the time you’ve always asked for? The world is not coming to an end! Trust me when I say this, because you are not that weak. You are stronger, greater than this.

I will leave you with these two questions at hand.

“Who are you?” and,

“Why are you still seeking validation? (from yourself or anyone else at the matter)”

You may want to re-evaluate who and where you are and utilize this time to really know yourself, what you want to do and where you want to be.

Invent Yourself!

Finally, it’s not that we are stuck at home between these four walls but instead we are safe at home. It’s high time to save ourselves from whatever is coming for us mentally, emotionally and physically. Let’s start working on ourselves now shall we!?

A broken mirror ART!