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A message from the Head of School , Coventry University

smile form head of school

"On behalf of Coventry University, I'd like to welcome you to the courses here at Softwarica. Our mission is to provide our students studying overseas with Softwarica College of IT and e-commerce with the best possible education coupled with an international educational experience and the employability skills they require to prepare them for the global workplace. 

In these courses, you will learn how to navigate the rapidly changing technical landscape and acquire a valuable range of skills to help you succeed in the modern workplace. At Coventry, we have a strong ethos of learning the theoretical aspects of the subject via practical, hands on learning. This learning is based on real world, practical problems, of the type that face modern businesses. By doing this, we hope to equip you with the skills necessary to be a lifelong learner in your chosen field of study, ready for the world of work or further study when you graduate." 

Dr. Faye Mitchell
Head of School, Coventry University

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