MSc Data Science and Computational Intelligence at Softwarica

Collaborative Academic Partnership Launch

Kathmandu. Softwaica College, which has been providing higher education related to information technology for 12 years, has started teaching MSc Data Science and Computational Intelligence. The college announced this on the occasion of the alumni meetup program on Saturday.

Vigyan Shrestha, the president of the college, informed that Softwarica college, which was affiliated with Coventry University in the past and was conducting undergraduate studies, has now also started postgraduate studies in association with the same university.

The M.Sc. course includes Machine Learning, Data Management System, Intelligent Information Retrieval, Introduction to Statistical Methods for Data Science, Big Data Management and Data Visualization, Artificial Neural Networks, Advanced Machine Learning, Individual Research Project Preparation, and Computing Individual Research Project. Paudel said.

“Our main objective of starting teaching on this subject is to develop students’ skills,” he says, “The role of data science is to increase knowledge of business risk management, business, legal, ethical and social issues.”

Speaking at the program, the president of the college, Shrestha, said that Softwarica is providing students with the opportunity to get an excellent international degree at a low cost while staying in Nepal. Shrestha also asked the students who have completed their studies to network and coordinate with the faculties, teachers, and students of the college. He also said that the college is ready to support students with startup ideas.

Paudel said that after studying MSc, students will master data analysis, statistical analysis, machine learning algorithms, artificial neural networks, deep learning, big data management system, and research skills for advanced data science and computational intelligence.

Similarly, more than 40 percent scholarships have been arranged for students, Paudel, the head of the college, said.

Various musical performances were given by the alumni of the college in the Alumni Meetup program. Also, the students exchanged experiences about their time in college, career,s and success.