Participation in Regional scrum gathering Nepal (RSGN 2018)

Regional scrum gathering was recently held in Nepal on Dec 08-09,2018. The event was organized by Agile Nepal. The regional scrum gathering is an event where people can meet scrum practitioners, trainers, coaches and enthusiasts. Where we can acquire knowledge about the current trend around world. The two-day conference came with the bundle of sessions such as presentation by world class agile coaches, trainers and speakers, that led us to exploration of the new horizon of the scrum mindset, there were several workshops on how to best practice scrum and how can scrum be implemented in our day to day life, as well as the conference also provided the open space sessions, which helped us strengthen and deepen our knowledge on scrum. The regional scrum gathering turned out as a mecca to all the scrum professionals and follower. This is a platform where anyone can bag the opportunity to connect, learn, discuss and even express their views on scrum.

As an agile lecturer and computing project supervisor in Softwarica college I was provided with an opportunity to attend the RSGN conference, which turned out to be very fruitful to me as well as my institution. As the conference began (day1), I was captivated by the speeches of many world class agile professionals. Their ideas and views on scrum truly enriched my scrum knowledge. The two-day event was a very short period for such conference so, the organizer had to manage a parallel session on various topic. There were several trending topics such as DevOps, Lean Coffee, Trust building in a team, Kaizen in Action, TDD, Affinity and Beyond and many more. Unfortunately, due to the parallel session I could only attend one session at a time. Never the less I uncovered many of new techniques and approaches related to scrum. The RSGN was congregated by hundreds of scrum professionals of several organizations from Nepal to USA, UK, Japan, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and others. This landed me an opportunity to blend with them and explore my knowledge on scrum. I had several conversations with many of agile coaches specially with Mr. Kiro Harada, Mr. Stuart Turner and Mr. Jeff Lopez-Stuit. They Enlightened me with their concepts of scrum and advised me the tools and techniques to foster my scrum knowledge for teaching and as agile practitioner.

The following day of the conference (day2) started with several practical sessions. I volunteered for most of the workshop throughout the day, I was teamed up with Mr. Kiro Harada in lean coffee workshop, I also participated in open space session where I exhibited my views on ongoing topic which was “Happiness in workplace”. There were many workshops during day 2 in which I participated, among which i specially remember the session on “Affinity and Beyond”, as in this session we were given few tasks and were to mimic the real-world scenario of a software development company. At the end of day 2, we had a closing ceremony along with dinner, where I was privileged to acquaintance with hundreds of scrum professionals and practitioners.

In short glance, I felt RSGN was an opportunity for me to learn the current vogue in IT industries. As well as to build new acquaintances with several scrum-oriented company. I am humbly thankful to my college (Softwarica college of IT & E-commerce) to provide me an opportunity to attend such event. I suggest students, colleagues, and any one from software/IT industry should attend this kind of conferences as it has proved to be very fruitful for me and I pledge that it would be productive to you all too.