Scholarship AwardCriteria
120% ScholarshipFemale : B+ and above in +2
Male : A and above in +2
215% ScholarshipFemale: B in +2
Male: B+ in +2
310% ScholarshipMale: B in +2
  1. Students paying 1 year full fee in advance are eligible for 10% discount on 2nd Semester tuition fee.
  2. If a student wants to withdraw from the programme, the fees paid will be refunded as per the refund policy.
  3. University Registration Fee may vary in the upcoming years.
  4. There are no scholarship facilities on Admission Fee, Annual fee, University Registration Fee and Extra Curricular Fee.
  5. The fee structure is subject to change with the change in exchange rate of Pound/NRS. The above fee structure is determined as 1£= NRS 140.