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Coventry University Student Ambassador Scholarship Award

This scholarship is granted to newly enrolled students based on their holistic performance in three stages. It offers students a platform to share their knowledge through social media videos, enhancing public speaking confidence, exploring creativity, fostering a healthy competitive environment, and improving presentation skills. These attributes are vital for preparing graduates for the job market. Moreover, as student ambassadors, they lead the "Tech and Trendy" project, building a youth tech community and representing our college on various National and International platforms. 


Stage 1

Letter of Intent and 30 secs introduction video

Stage 2

1 min creative video based on the topic related to IT

Stage 3

Presentation and Interview round

Application Process

Coventry University Student Ambassador Scholarship Award Recipient - Batch 31

Mr. Parth Dhungana

Ethical Hacking and Cybersecurity

As I reflect on my time as an ambassador, I am grateful for all the opportunities provided to me by Softwarica College and Coventry University. I grabbed the opportunity to attend and participate in programs like CAN infotech which gave me a glimpse of the status of the technology being used in Nepal. I worked as a lead for Tech and Trendy, where I was able to meet young tech enthusiasts in the process. I worked on building networks within the IT industry and work with many new people to grow together, and observe their view on technology and their thoughts and ideas to create positive impact on society. I would like to thank every person involved for making my journey fruitful and wish luck to the future student ambassadors.

Ms. Sakshi Nepal


I was and still am beyond grateful to work as a student ambassador for Softwarica College and Coventry University. The title helped me to grow better as an individual, I am more confident than I was before with all the exposure to interact and build network that came along with the title. Working as a lead for Tech and Trendy gave hands full of experience to work in real time organisation in the future. I am a proud student ambassador and I encourage all my juniors to apply for the title and make the most of the title to grow as a person and professional.

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