Softwarica Open Day and IOT Exhibition 2019

There are millions of creative minds with many ideas constantly popping in their head. However, many of the times, the ideas just remain ideas, with no further life instilled to them. A creative mind requires the motivation of an enthusiastic body, a supportive team, the willingness to transform their ideas into a new innovation and most of all, a proper platform to showcase them. Softwarica Open Day and IOT that happened on June 11-12, 2019 was an amalgamation of innovative ideas coming to life, as a result of hard work and team work. It was an event where the visitors could experience and explore the future of technology.

The event consisted of numerous elements, catered to meet the requirements of different types of audience. First and foremost, Softwarica Open Day offered career counselling for recent +2 graduates who were seeking to pursue their higher education in the field of technology. From this, they could learn more about the technological field, and Softwarica college as well. Giving them a closer look at what the college offers, and what opportunities do the students enrolled in this institution get, this event was a combination of theoretical and practical knowledge for +2 graduated students. 

IOT exhibition was the main highlight of the event, where the students of Softwarica College had teamed up in different groups, and come up with various extraordinary ideas to present us with their idea model. This enabled the students to not only dwell deep into their creativity but also push themselves out of their comfort zone and strive for a higher benchmark. They also learned to work in a team, and respect each other’s ideas. Most of all, this event helped them be comfortable with sharing their invention to the audience with confidence and charm. 

Apart from the above mentioned points, Softwarica Open Day and IOT Exhibition also had other fun activities like face painting, photo-shoot etc. wherein the visitors could get a flavour of the fun side of Softwarica. 

All in all, the event was full of new learning and the visitors definitely got to explore and experience the future of technology.