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10 IT Career in Nepal and How to Get Started in 2023

IT Career Paths That Can Be Pursued in Nepal

If you visit any job portal sites in Nepal now, you will find that most of the job postings are relevant to Information technology. These days, organizations from every sector are hiring tech professionals to keep themselves competitive in this technology-dominated world. This makes it clear that the IT career in Nepal greatly offers a wide range of scopes and opportunities for IT enthusiasts as it offers a variety of career options. On a negative note, people often find it difficult when it comes to choosing between IT careers in Nepal. In this blog, we have compiled the top 10 IT careers in Nepal so you can choose the best career choice for you. Keep on scrolling.  

List of Top IT career in Nepal

As technology has increasingly integrated into every aspect of modern life, the demand for skilled IT professionals is on the rise. There is a wide range of IT career opportunities in Nepal, including in areas such as software development, network administration, data analysis, cybersecurity, web development, project management, business analysis, system administration, technical support, and cloud computing. With the aim to help you understand the scope of IT careers in Nepal, below we have listed the top 10 IT career in Nepal.

  1. Digital Marketing Expert

Gone are the times when people spend time reading newspapers, watching television, or connecting to the radio for news or entertainment. Today, they prefer to spend time in front of their mobile phones, computers, or laptops browsing the internet. Therefore, if the company seeks to reach the maximum audience, then an online presence is crucial.

So, in Nepal too, many companies including new start-ups are adapting to digital marketing for better chances of success to reach the maximum audience. With a high success rate and companies prioritizing the approach widely, it is anticipatable that digital marketing is the future of marketing in the country. This is why digital marketing is one of the best options for an IT career in Nepal in the technology field which offers vast opportunities with a bright future.  

As a digital marketing expert, your foremost responsibility is to establish and maintain the brand identity by implementing different marketing campaigns on digital platforms. Keeping an eye on the latest advertising trends, the basic roles include promoting the brands on social media and websites, content marketing, and email marketing.    

  1. Project Manager

Because planning and management are crucial for every organization including IT-based companies, Project Managers are in high demand in Nepal. Without them, companies are vulnerable to the inability to meet legal policies and there is a high risk of project failure. 

So, companies are looking for candidates with proficient technological skills alongside brilliant management skills to manage various projects. In this IT career path, your responsibility is to plan and execute the project assigned to you in a way that the process is smooth and the outcome is error-free meeting the set deadlines. For this, you will be leading the team of project stakeholders. This is where your soft skills come to life as you are required to effectively use your communication, coordination, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills while handling the project.  

  1. Quality Assurance Expert

No matter how much time and money you spend throughout the application or software development process, it isn’t worth it if you are not able to meet the expectations and requirements of the targeted audience. In this technology-driven world, if you are unable to provide the best quality experience to users, your product assuredly fails. Perceiving fact, IT companies in Nepal are always in the search of Quality Assurance experts to ensure their developed programs are defect-free and user-friendly. 

As a Quality Assurance Expert, you will ensure the product reaches the users in the perfect condition. For this, you will test every piece of the software development process regularly coordinating with all the stakeholders to identify the bugs and communicate with the team to fix them.  

The quality assurance expert prevents the users from experiencing awful software. 

Since, Quality Assurance Expert plays a vital role in the success of the company, this in-demand scope of IT in Nepal is considered one of the most advanced level jobs in the technology sector of the country. 

  1. Database Developer

The organization collects terabytes of data from the customers and its day-to-day operations which are required to be managed rampantly and constructively. And, as every piece of data is immensely valuable, the companies recruit database developers as an integral part of the team for data mining and effective storage.

The demand for database developers is high in Nepal, yet supply looks insufficient. So, now is the time to pursue a career in database developer IT jobs in Nepal.  

You have the option to begin the career by choosing from different roles such as SQL manager, SQL administrator, IT analyst, Database reporting analyst, Database application developer, and business analyst.  

  1. Web Designer and Developer

As discussed earlier, online presence has become the need for companies today if they are to fight for existence in this IT-dominated world.  

In Nepal too, many companies have started to approach bonding with the customers through the internet, creating their websites. With so many already existing companies alongside numerous new start-ups coming forwards, web designers and developers are getting sky-high opportunities to flourish fulfilling IT careers in Nepal. 

Be mindful, web design and web development may sound similar, but they are different fields. As a web designer, you are responsible for creating the visual appearance of a website by designing attractive layouts. So, you are more dependent on the creative aspect for an intuitive user experience. On the other hand, a web developer is responsible for building the website’s core structure which is more about crafting functional websites based on the developed web designs.    

  1. Android or iOS mobile application developer

Smartphones have modified our personal life as well as work-life influencing our way of communication, and ingressing entertainment. No wonder, they have become our common friends as we can see the significant increase in the number of iOs and Android smartphones in recent years.  

The companies are in competition to introduce innovative applications to run on iOS and Android mobile phones for providing the service through mobile phones. This contributed to raising the scope of IT in Nepal. As iOS and Android mobile application developer, you will be developing efficient functional mobile applications by designing, testing, and supporting the complete application lifecycle. For this, you should be an expert in numerous programming languages. 

So, if your key strength is programming language skills, a mobile application developer is one of the best career options in Nepal to go for. Though, you are also required to stay up to date with the latest trends in the sectors.    

  1. Data Scientist

Each day we see an advancement in computer programs, software, and technology. So, it is understandable why many companies are switching their attention to data-driven goals. After all, the data is multi-useful. From forming policies, and managing the products, to making the strategic plan for the company’s growth, data management and analysis plays a crucial role. To embrace these perks, many companies are offering attractive job packages to hire the best data scientist from the competitive market.  

As a data scientist in Nepal, your prime responsibility is to explore and analyze the insights from data from numerous sources, identify the patterns in them, and report to the organization. The main aim is to aid informed decision-making by making predictions.    

As, data science is all about utilizing the statics, analytics, and software for managing a big amount of data working on various database systems, the Data scientist IT career path is less complicated and challenging if you are passionate about data, mathematics, and computing.  

  1. Ethical Hacker

The advancement of technology, unfortunately, also comes with some negativity, and hacking is one of them. 

The incidents of data loss, damage, and theft are regularly on the news these days which alerted the companies in Nepal to defend the possible hacking. This is when the need for ethical hackers emerged. Consequently, companies from all around Nepal started hiring ethical hackers to identify the security flaws in the system and develop a plan to mitigate risks. 

“Hacking” may typically sound wrong, but this is the pivotal skill for you to succeed in this particular scope of IT in Nepal.   Do not worry, you are not doing anything wrong although you will be entering the system unethically. This is because it is done with permission. The reason is to identify the vulnerability of the system which unethical hackers might take advantage of to commit cybercrime. Upon finding the weakness, you will work to mend it. 

The role of an ethical hacker attracts those who thirst for challenges. So, if you are one of them, this can be the best career option in Nepal in the IT field. Dive in now.

  1. Cloud Computing Expert

The fact that more than 90 % of businesses all across the globe are selecting cloud services, bolsters the statement that – Cloud computing is the new era in the IT world. The leading reasons for transit are cloud computing’s features such as the deployment of the applications in the cloud and using the cloud for data storage which aids remote work. Most importantly it is cost-effective helping organizations to drastically reduce operations expenses. 

As companies are rapidly replacing the old process with cloud computing, they are creating abundant career opportunities for interested and skilled IT professionals in Nepal.  

What makes a career in Cloud computing more interesting is that you do not have to stick to one particular position. You have options to work in various positions including cloud administrator, cloud architect, cloud consultant, cloud software development, cloud network engineer, and cloud security analyst; all with handsome payments. 

  1. SMM Expert

Earlier we discussed how digital marketing plays a role in the success of the business. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMM (Social Media Marketing) are integral parts of the same digital marketing.  

Recent studies show that the number of social media users in Nepal has exceeded 13 million. The companies in the country are grabbing the opportunity to reach the maximum audience through different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. The companies turning digital for marketing have generated vast opportunities for IT jobs in Nepal in the role of SMM Expert.  


Indeed the growth rates of IT jobs in Nepal are sky flying at a speedy pace and looking at the trends, it looks like the stop is no nearer. The fact that the average salary of the IT professional is immensely higher than in many other fields contributed as another salient perk for many students looking to pursue a career in IT.

With the increasing demand for IT professionals in Nepal, many universities and training institutions have started offering IT-related courses. The right education opens the gateway to an IT career in Nepal. Softwarica College presents you with IT courses that aids to develop essential skills required throughout IT career paths. Connect with Softwarica now to explore.


Which IT field is best in Nepal?

If you are looking to build a career in highly satisfying IT fields with attractive payments, some of the best options are Quality Assurance, Cloud Computing, Web designing, Data Science, and Ethical Hacking.  

Is IT a good career in Nepal?

Looking at the growing demands for IT professionals, IT is definitely a good career in Nepal.  

Which study is best for an IT job?

Information technology has vast career options. So, the study for an IT job depends on your interests and fields. Though, courses in Data Science, Computational Intelligence, ethical hacking, and cyber security provide you with wider scope considering the most-in-demand IT jobs in Nepal today.  

What are the IT scopes in Nepal?

IT professionals have wide opportunities to work in both IT-based and non-IT-based companies in different industries in Nepal such as health organization, software companies, financial and accounting institutes, telecommunication, retails, and communication.

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