7 Reasons Why a BSc (Hons) Computing Degree is Worth It
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7 Reasons Why a BSc (Hons) Computing Degree is Worth It

Are you passionate about computing? We live in a digital age where IT and computing are booming and continuously becoming more and more advanced to provide us with innovative solutions to real-life problems. Looking at the ever-changing future of technology, opting for a BSc (Hons) Computing degree could be the best decision you can take to turn your interest in computing into a career in the fast-pacing IT industry.

The BSc (Hons) Computing programme in Nepal focuses on the technical aspects of computing and put a strong emphasis on your programming skills. Earning a BSc (Hons) Computing degree in Nepal allows you to stay ahead and analyze the latest technologies across a range of industries. But is BSc Hons Computing degree worth it? Let’s find out.

What is BSc (Hons) Computing Degree?

BSc (Hons) Computing degree is a three years IT degree affiliated with Coventry University that encourages students to develop extensive skills and knowledge of computer programming that the ever-growing technology market requires.

Computer programming, database development, web development, system modelling, cyber security and networking, are some of the vital skills one can develop during the BSc Hons Computing programme in Nepal and pursue a range of IT careers including database design, interactive systems design, computer technology, programming, internet technology, multimedia, and systems development.

A BSc (Hons) Computing degree is perfect for those who are seeking an ideal preparation to start a career in software development. This degree provides you with the hands-on technical skills that are high in demand in Computer Science, Information Systems and Software Engineering.

BSc (Hons) Computing degree allows students to:

  • Develop widely applicable IT skills such as programming, networking, databases, and web technologies.
  • Build communication, project management, and presentation skills through project work.
  • Apply appropriate techniques to solve real-life problems in the IT industry.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the underlying technology, programming languages and design methods required in the IT industry.
  • Demonstrate awareness of evolving technologies in a broader computing domain such as distributed resources and application development.
  • Research the concept and design and develop products in the computing domain.

10 Reasons to Choose BSc (Hons) Computing Degree

Learning leading computing theories is just the tip of the iceberg. A BSc (Hons) Computing degree has more to offer you – with this computing degree in your hand you can apply the knowledge and your practical skills to solve real-world settings through case studies, projects, and dissertations.

The degree provides you with valuable real-world experience and significantly boosts your employability in the range of IT industries. From managing IT systems to leading strategic objectives for businesses, there are plenty of valuable reasons to study BSc Hons Computing in Nepal. Below are mentioned some convincing reasons why you should consider choosing the BSc Hons Computing course in Nepal.

  1. Computing is a Constantly Developing Industry

Computing is a huge part of everything that we use in our daily lives. Whether it’s the cars we drive or the films we watch, everything involves computing and IT. With an understanding of computing, you can go the extra mile in technology.

Computing is a constantly growing industry that allows you to become a data scientist, and develop social media apps, video games, and more. It is a degree that provides you with all the necessary knowledge you need to become a successful IT professional. As the computing field is constantly changing, growing, and developing, there’s no sign of this industry slowing down anytime soon.

  1.  Computing Skills Extremely Transferable

A BSc Hons Computing degree is the best choice, especially for those who are desperate to get a computing job in Nepal and want to become an expert in developing computing abilities. Computing skills are extremely transferable which means one with a computing degree has the upper hand on the CV and with a range of IT job applications.

The best part of having a computing degree is that one can apply for any IT role across the world as Programming languages are everywhere and numerical data doesn’t change. For instance, you learn critical thinking, problem-solving and analytical research as during your computing course in Nepal. These skills are essential to building a new website from scratch, debugging a programme and even preventing hackers from breaching a company’s firewall and computer data.

  1. Job Security

We have seen an exponential rise in Computing careers in Nepal over the last few years, and they are expected to grow continuously in the coming years. While non-IT industries are worried about their job security, IT professionals typically rest easy. As the world is increasingly relying on digital things, businesses and organizations from every industry are seeking proper technical infrastructure and software applications that have now become essential for the support the businesses. Without the IT industry, companies are at high risk. It’s undeniable that computing jobs are now more secure than ever.

  1. Computing Internships Are Booming

The era of unpaid internships has almost dissolved nowadays as more professional paid apprenticeships and internships are booming, particularly in the field of computing and IT. Most computing degrees offer students intern opportunities alongside their studies. This allows students to set up an entry-level computing role soon after graduation. As companies find internships a long-term investment, they often offer internships to those with relevant degrees. A computing internship can be the beginning of your successful future in a company that you’re passionate about.

  1. Endless Opportunities

A computing degree in your hand opens door to endless opportunities. With the highest-paid salary, Computing jobs provide you with the highest job satisfaction. You build multiple skill sets while studying BSc Hons computing programme that you can use in innovation, development and forward-thinking, ultimately increasing the possibilities for future inventions and developments.

  1. Computing Jobs Are Everywhere

Unlike in the non-IT industry where people seeking for jobs are more than the available jobs, in the computing industry, there are actually more jobs and qualified people are so less. This has led to a skills shortage in Nepal because of which more and more students want to study BSc (Hons) Computing in Nepal. The computing market, being a less competitive market, offers more employability opportunities which allows IT professionals to work in a range of exciting industries. You can consider the following role following your graduation with a BSc (Hons) Computing degree.

  • Software developer
  • Data scientist
  • Web developer
  • Software tester
  • Systems analyst
  • IT systems manager
  • Business analyst
  • Computer engineer
  1. Highly Paid Salary

Not everyone does job only for the money. Regardless of the salary, people still want a job that they love. However, when it all comes down to it, the money you earn is what you buy your lifestyle from, and a computing career in Nepal can definitely make your life more comfortable. The average salary of a computing professional in Nepal ranges from NPR 42,000 (lowest average) to NPR 132,000, according to Salary Explorer.

Wrapping Up

From the internet to smart devices to mobile computing and beyond, Computing has revolutionized the world. BSc (Hons) Computing degree is dedicated to the computing concepts such as web technologies and mobile computing system, with the major focus being software development design and Human Computer Interaction (HCI.

When choosing the right college for a BSC hons course in Nepal, make sure it offers you a relevant and up-to-date computing degree as it is essential for promoting employable skills to equip you for a successful computing career.

Being a winning college, Softwarica is committed to providing its students with the best BSc (Hons) Computing degree in Nepal. We offer our students high standards of facilities with a pioneering approach to higher education.

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