Cybersecurity Specialists – the Need of the Hour
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Cybersecurity Specialists – the Need of the Hour

Living in a fully digitized world, we all have realized that everything has moved online. With the tremendous increase in the usage of the internet and dependency on cybernate, cybersecurity has become the top priority for IT firms. Companies around the world are battling cyberattacks and ones with a strong cybersecurity team are only at defeating these security breaches. What we mean by a strong cybersecurity team is one that involves a cybersecurity specialist in it.

With the increasing demand for cybersecurity experts in Nepal, cybersecurity has become one of the best sought-after career choices among those who want to start a career in IT (Information Technology). Being a cyber security specialist in Nepal, you may end up becoming on the front lines of modern national defense. Still not convinced? Well, throughout this article, you will understand the importance of cybersecurity specialists and be convinced enough to start a career as a cybersecurity specialist. Stay tuned.

Who is a Cybersecurity Specialist?

A Cyber Security Specialist is basically an expert in the field of IT security. Cyber Security Specialists provide IT security and manage the overall IT systems of an organization. They make sure that the systems and networks are safe from external threats such as hackers who want to penetrate the systems for malicious purposes. Cyber Security Specialists are responsible for searching for vulnerabilities in software and networks and building strategies and defensive systems to protect the systems against cyberattacks and security threats. This role of a cybersecurity specialist is critical as data breaches often come from inside the organization, either intentionally or accidentally.

Responsibilities of a Cybersecurity Specialist

Cybersecurity specialists play a vital role in protecting the information systems of a company. They analyze and detect the potential risks in hardware and software systems and build firewalls to aid in the security breaches and cyberattacks. They also keep themselves abreast of new cyber threats as cyberattacks continue to evolve with time. Below are mentioned four major rsponsibilities of a cybersecurity specialist.

  • Scanning Network Devices

One of the major role of a Cybersecurity specialist is to constantly monitor for cyber attacks and intrusions and take the required action against the security vulnerabilities found in the systems. Cybersecurity specialists stay up to date on the virus landscape and implement the solutions to protect networks from the identified viruses. Additionally, they identify the cybercriminals and retaliate immediately whenever a network security breach occurs.

  • Formulating Security Guidelines

Cybersecurity specialists create various security guidelines, policies, and procedures for enterprise security systems. They evaluate the security of an organization and resilience through simulated cyber threats such as penetration testing. Moreover, the responsiblities of a cybersecurity specialist involves looking for vulnerabilities in hardware and software and pass on recommendations for the required solutions to the organization.

  • Training Subordinates

Another important responsibility of a Cybersecurity specialist in a cybersecurity team is to provide training to the juniors to identify security breaches and cyberattacks and teach them how to find solutions for the attacks. A cybersecurity specialist has to teach them the appropriate security procedures to handle the security issues in the organizations. This allows them to promote security awareness and provide regular updates to the management.

  • Employing Investigative Analysis

Cybersecurity specialists employ investigative analysis and skills to vulnerability issues and diagnose security breaches. Moreover, they recommend potential solutions such as hardware and software programs to the organization that can minimize the impact of breaches.

Besides the above roles, a cybersecurity specialist is also commonly responsible for:

  • Performing research, testing, evaluation, and developing security technology and procedures.
  • Running diagnostics on the changes to data and verify undetected breaches.
  • Developing custom systems for specialized security features.
  • Being up to date with new intrusion methods and developing protection plans.
  • Conducting counteractive protocols and reporting incidents.
  • Granting permissions and privileges to authorized users.

Importance of Cybersecurity Specialists?

With increasing growth in cybersecurity, Cybersecurity specialists are high in demand, and as technology will evolve and new security concerns will develop, the need for Cybersecurity specialists will continuously increase as well. Here are the top 4 reasons why you should consider choosing a Cybersecurity course in Nepal.

  1. Cybersecurity Specialists Are High in Demand

According to, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, IT jobs including cybersecurity specialist jobs will grow by 35% by 2031. For reference, the average growth rate for non-IT jobs in the United States for the same period of time is only about 5%. This shows us how high is the demand for cyber security in our digital world.

More and more websites, apps, and programs are created with every passing day. With these digital touchpoints, there are more users online distributing sensitive information, ultimately increasing the risks of cyberattacks and security threats. For this reason, companies are creating more opportunities for cyber security specialist jobs to identify vulnerabilities in their systems and ensure they’re safeguarded.

  1.  High-Paying Cyber Security Specialist Salary

As cybersecurity specialists are in such high demand, it can be a very lucrative career to choose. To fulfill the demand for cybersecurity specialists, organizations are willing to pay high salaries. According to the US BLS, experienced average cybersecurity professionals enjoy a salary of $102,600 per year or $49.33 per hour.

However, you should not expect to make this type of salary right after your graduation. The Cybersecurity specialist salary in Nepal really depends on your cybersecurity skills, knowledge, and experience. Plus, the industry you choose as a cybersecurity expert in Nepal is another important factor that affects the figure of your salary. The good news is these numbers show the great opportunities you get after becoming a  Cyber Security specialist in Nepal.

  1. Growth Opportunities

Money is definitely a great incentive when it comes to choosing a career as a cybersecurity specialist. But one extra benefit you will get as a cybersecurity expert is your career and personal growth. Before investing in a degree, one must consider what his/her career path will look like. No one wants to enter a field too less opportunities for growth.

Being a highly specialized skill, cybersecurity is a field where you will continue to learn while you’re on the job. You can even continue your education and opt for new certifications while still working as cybersecurity in Nepal. This will allow you to stay current and be eligible for upcoming cybersecurity opportunities. As you gain experience working with an organizations, you can have more opportunities for work in the field.

  1. Variety of Industry Options

Becoming a cybersecurity specialist will allow you to work in a variety of industries. You go through an intense training when you study a cybersecurity course in Nepal, and with the skills you learned during your cybersecurity program in Nepal you can work as a cybersecurity specialist in almost any industry. Companies, from both the private and public sector, all over Nepal are looking for cybersecurity experts. The government sector is one of the biggest in need of cybersecurity professionals in Nepal. But keep in mind that cybersecurity positions in the Government sector require high-security clearance.

Wrapping Up

There is no shortage of job opportunities when you choose a career in cybersecurity. Besides, there are plenty of reasons to plunge into the cybersecurity space and become a cybersecurity specialist. As a cybersecurity specialist your role will be to handle critical cyber threats and safeguard information systems and infrastructure of a company. With proper strategic decisions, you can providing tactical advice and solutions to secure business-critical operations.

If you want to become a cybersecurity specialist in Nepal then the first step you should take is invest in education. So which course you should choose to become a cybersecurity expert in Nepal? Well, the best cybersecurity course you can study in Nepal is BSc. (hons) Ethical Hacking and Cybersecurity and the best BSc. (hons) Ethical Hacking and Cybersecurity program in Nepal you will get at Softwarica.

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