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How can we celebrate Tihar in an eco-friendly way?

Tihar is one of the biggest festivals of Nepal that everyone loves celebrating. New clothes, decorations everywhere, gatherings and the spirit of festivities all around can distract us from caring about our environment. However, it’s extremely necessary to remember to be conscious of the impact of our celebrities on the environment. 

Here are some ways, we can celebrate Tihar in an eco-friendly way: 

1. Use thrift stores if you have to buy new clothes for yourselves.

Buying clothes can be fun. However, it’s really important to know that the fashion industry is responsible for 10 % of annual global carbon emissions.  In the time of festivals, people buy a lot of new clothes, which increases our carbon footprints. Using thrift shops to buy new clothes will not only be eco-friendly, but also affordable and equally stylish. To add to that, you will be helping a local store sustain their business. So, try thrift shopping this Tihar. 

2. Buy sustainable gifts from a local store.

Now, more than ever, Nepal is home to a large number of sustainable, eco-friendly businesses. It’s extremely important for us to support these businesses. If you need to buy gifts for your loved ones for Tihar; or buy gifts for Bhai Tika, use these stores to buy sustainable gifts. Some gift ideas can be buying a plant, knitted and/or crocheted accessories for home decorations, sustainable clothing or organic skin-care products . 

3. Remember to turn off the lights.

It’s the festival of lights. But, we must remember to not keep the lights on the whole night. If everyone keeps the lights on all night, imagine the amount of energy we will be wasting. As beautiful as the whole vibe of Tihar is, our Earth can not forward such luxury right now. It’s a very small and simple step – Remember to turn off the lights! 

4. Cut down the use of plastic as much as you can.

Cutting down the use of plastic greatly contributes to reducing the carbon emissions. Carry your own cloth bag while you go out to shop for anything. Try not buying anything packaged in plastic. Try to find alternatives for plastic packaging. This Tihar, cut down the use of plastic as much as you can!

5. Avoid using firecrackers 

This is the simplest way you can have an eco friendly Tihar. We all know how harmful firecrackers are for the environment. Recently, there was a wildfire as a result of firecrackers in Los Angeles. Our environment has suffered enough, – and we can’t afford to put more harm on it. So, avoid firecrackers, and try alternative ways to have fun in Tihar. Play cards, instead! 

Therefore, we can change our ways a little bit to make our Tihar eco-friendly and be conscious about the environment. You can apply these steps even in your everyday lives! Happy Tihar. Celebrate safely and consciously. 

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