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Scope and Career Prospects After BSc. Hons Computing

Every day hundreds of thousands of people rely on sophisticated technology. Everything needs to be up to date, from copious computing technology to cloud computing. In that case, one has to choose a computer course with great career prospects in the field of information technology, and no course would be better than a BSc (Hons) Computing course to start an IT journey in Nepal. It is considered the most sought-after IT program in graduation and post-graduation scenarios.

If you are enticed to convert your passion to a career and want to make your mark in the fastest-growing sector, then BSc Computing in Nepal could be your best option. This degree strongly deals with a higher level of technological operations and an emphasis on advanced programming skills. In this article, we’ll be discussing the scope and career prospects after BSc. Hons Computing. Without any impede, let’s get started.

What is BSc Hons Computing?
BSc. Hons Computing is a full-time campus-based course that revolves around fundamental areas like web development, software development, databases, UI (User Interface) design, and network management. Students who graduated intermediate in any field (Science/Management/Humanities) can enroll in this program.

The objective of the BSc. Hons Computing is mentioned below.

Practical experience and theoretical comprehension of worldwide established dexterity in analysis, design, and systems development.
Exhaustive mastery of key aspects of computing from the foreground of the discipline.
Come to grips with advanced computing projects to a professional standard through consistent application and development review.
Develop execution-level skills in technical report writing, communication skills, and presentation skills.
BSc. Hons Computing covers the fundamental principles and their application in computer-based organizations by providing data programs in the computing field.

This BSc Hons Computing degree is a unique blend of practical and theoretical learning that relies on technique, theory and practical application, group work and IT skills. The nutshell of this course applies the principles of the updated programming languages, instigates to information systems, hardware and software understanding, application development, and implementation of databases.

Students take the production project in the third year with an alternate framework which plays a vital role in gaining expertise in a career subject. The production project encompasses research, and the student can continue with the level 6 production by choosing various alternate modules in the second semester.

BSc Hons Computing course is designed with a holistic approach to learning. The course’s reasonability at different levels consists of a balanced diet of assessment, so it reaches beyond achieving isolated courtesy.

Scope and Career Prospect After BSc Hons Computing
The scope of Bsc Hons Computing in Nepal is in constant flux with the emergence of new technologies. After graduation, students can start careers in a wide range of IT domains. There is a wide range of job opportunities available for BSc Computing graduates. Some of them are listed below:

Computer Systems Analyst
A Computer System Analyst is responsible for designing information system solutions to effectively and efficiently contribute to the organization’s execution. They are responsible for data modeling, which stipulates the computer to go after presenting data, allowing analysts to make the fastest decisions. According to PayScale, the average salary of a Computer System Analyst is $72,613 per annum.

Computer Programmer
A computer programmer is responsible for writing codes to create different web-based and offline software programs in various programming languages such as Java, C, C++, Python etc. The programmer must debug programs and ensure whether the production of software is providing the expected result or not. According to Pay Scale, the average salary of a computer programmer is $66 293 per annum.

Software Engineer
A software engineer is a person who designs, builds and maintains computer applications. Software engineering is the branch of computer science that function to design, develop, maintain, test, and evaluate computer software on principle-based mechanism. One should have strong skills in the following field to become a bolt in the field:

Knowledge in Programming Language
Software development
Computer Operating Systems (OS)
Software engineer job is a highly demanded job in the worldwide job market. According to Pay Scale, the average salary of a Software Engineer is $88 899 per annum.

Hardware Engineer
Computer Hardware Engineers are responsible for designing, testing, and updating computer hardware and its components. They evaluate existing computer hardware systems and use complex problem-solving skills for the potential advanced change in the model. They also design the framework, layout and components to improve the looks and raise efficiency. According to Pay Scale, the average salary of a Computer Hardware Engineer is $86, 508 per annum.

Systems Integrator
System Integrators are IT professionals who specialize in designing, building, synthesizing and implementing technological applications that are filtered to meet a company’s needs. Highly skilled system integrators solve problems by automation. They are also responsible for testing and authenticating software to determine compatibility before integrating the system into the company’s mainstream. According to Pay Scale, the average salary of a System Integrator Engineer is $86, 102 per annum.

Computer Scientist
Computer Scientists are responsible for organizing research to design and develop new computer technology to solve problems in various fields such as algorithm and data structure, database management theory, numerical analysis, programming language theory, computational complexity theory, computer vision & graphics, etc.

Computer scientists also investigate new and innovative technology like artificial intelligence, robotics, or virtual reality. According to Pay Scale, the average salary of a Computer Scientist is $81 952 per annum.

Web Application Developer
Web Applications are programs that are tailored to run in web browsers. It is created with the browser-supported programming language, for instance, the combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The designation Web Application Developer is the skilled professional who design, develop, and modify Web Application. The mandatory skills to become a Web Applications developer are computer literacy, strong numerical skill, strong creative ability, attention to detail, coding, etc.

According to Pay Scale, the average salary of a Web Application Developer is $66 512 per annum.

Mobile Application Development
Mobile Application Development is the approach that involves writing software for small hand-held wireless computing devices. Similar to Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development has roots in more traditional software development. There are prominent mobile application development platforms: iOS (iPhone Operating System), Android, Windows, etc. According to Statista, users have downloaded 230 Billion+ mobile applications till 2021. This shows the scope of Mobile Application Development. 

According to Pay Scale, the average salary of a Mobile Application Developer is $76 514 per annum

Software System Developer
Software system developers are the professionals responsible to formulate and define system scope and objectives for an assigned project combining disciplines and knowledge of all aspects of a computing system for example coding, testing, program stack, i/o, memory management, debugging, network utilization etc and so on. Mainly Software System developer works on all aspects of back-end system software.

According to Pay Scale, the average salary of a Software System Developer is $73, 999 per annum

Database Administrator
A Database Administrator (DBA) is the technician responsible for understanding and managing the overall database environment in a very well and organized methodology. The emergence of advanced companies needs a strong DBMS, which demands more database administrators. Maintaining data integrity is the major duty of the DB Administrator. DBA must be highly skilled in security, policy-making and implementation, and partiality of the data on a Database Management System.

According to Pay Scale, the average salary of a Database Administrator is $74 339 per annum.

Data Analyst
All the companies and firms’ critical internal and external operation depends upon the data – including the selection of product, a new market to initiate, customer target, new investment to make etc. The actual problem and insufficiencies are addressed with the help of data. That’s why data plays a very important role in the company’s growth. To maintain the relevancy and accuracy of data, Data analysts are hired. The main responsibility of a data analyst is to analyze the data and categorize the probably profitable field and the reason for the loss. The job role (Data Analyst) is highly in demand. 

According to Pay Scale, the average salary of a Data Analyst is $63 313 per annum.

UX/UI Designer
A UX/UI Designer is a professional dedicated to finding an attractive design-centric user interface and user experience from visual communications perspective rather than focusing on marketing and programming alone. The UI/UX designer works by the psychological analysis of the user- helps to funneling the customer. Finding the needs of customers is the very first step of the task for the UX/UI designer.

According to Pay Scale, the average salary of a UI/UX Designer is $76 261 per annum.

Internet of Things (IoT) Developer 
Before exploring the job specifications of the Internet of Things (IoT) developer, let’s understand the basic concept of the term IoT. The IoT (Internet of Things) is the technology that defines the physical objects with the sensor, processing ability, software and other technology at the time of communication with other devices within the communication network.

The communication approach doesn’t depend upon the connection of public wifi; rather, it is programmed to “speak” to other devices constantly by creating smart web devices. 

The in-depth classification of tasks in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT) is carried out in three different categories as below:

Network Specialist: Responsible for managing connectivity. 
Data Analyst: Responsible for analyzing the data and working for improvement.
Engineers: Responsible for creating the platform, hardware, software, and devices that allow functioning.
According to Glassdoor, the average salary of an IoT developer is $110 997 per annum.

IT Project Manager
An IT (Information Technology) Project Manager is a professional responsible for planning, executing, and delegating an IT project and helping the company to grow digitally. There is a high scope of IT project managers as companies rely on computerized systems.

IT project manager might lead the new project to the new software solutions, scale the IT process and switch the cloud servers if required. The IT project manager’s main expectation is to complete the task at the appropriate time.

According to Pay Scale, the average salary of an IT Project manager is $88 853 per annum.

After graduation, students can work in a variety of sectors for example multinational corporations, governmental agencies, national corporate companies, IT departments, etc. Apart from these sectors, students can work as school/college lecturers, assistant professors and many more. 

Get Started With BSc (Hons) Computing- Softwarica College
Now you know the great career prospects of BSc. Hons Computing, you may want to begin your BSc. Computing journey. Softwarica College provides the best BSc (Hons) Computing degree in Nepal.

Collaborated with Coventry University, UK, Softwarica offers students underpinning technical skills with a high-quality teaching methodology. Students are facilitated with well-equipped computer labs and a supportive guide. We guide our students all the way through the program.

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