Softwarica College bagged 1st place in Robo war organized by Kathmandu University
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Softwarica College bagged 1st place in Robo war organized by Kathmandu University

Softwarica Bagged First Position in Robo War at Kathmandu University 

Softwarica College made waves in the tech community by securing the top spot in the Robo War competition at EEPEX 2024, hosted by Kathmandu University. Held on March 6th and 7th, the two-day battle placed Softwarica's robots team against strong competition from companies like Baliyo Ventures, Students from Kathmandu University, and other IT colleges. 

Softwarica's Year 2 and 3 senior student teams took on the task of building and programming their robot to participate in the exciting Robo War as a showcase of their technological knowledge and expertise.  

Softwarica emerged victorious from the tournament on March 6 and got sent to the final scheduled for the very next day.  

To encourage a sense of inspiration among the new batch of students (Batch 36), Softwarica College organized a special outing for a selected few of them to the Robo War event. This aimed to make the new students aware about the incredible capabilities of their seniors and spark excitement about the adventures waiting for them in the field of robotics. 

Four first-year students described their experiences reflecting on their first-ever Robo War encounter. 

Simran Thapa  

Experiencing Robo War for the first time was mind-blowing. Watching our seniors work their magic in assembling the robots was fascinating. Even though the competition started late, around 7 pm and ended at around 10 PM, the joy of our team's triumph made it a night to remember. The celebratory dinner and the ride home from our supportive staff added the perfect finishing touch. 

Deeya Lacoul 

The next day, the anticipation was palpable after our final win. Competing against KU students in their territory was nerve-wracking, but when we emerged victorious, the elation was surreal. We were the loudest cheering squad, celebrating a triumph that will forever be etched in our memories. 

Eshika Sharma  

Participating in Robo War has fueled my passion for robotics. From watching our seniors to winning the competition, the journey has inspired me to delve deeper into this field. I aspire to study extensively and contribute to creating advanced robotic solutions in the future. 

Akaritri Rasaili 

This Robo War experience has opened my eyes. Witnessing the dedication and teamwork of our seniors has fueled my determination to excel in my studies. Winning against tough opponents motivates me to dream big and work towards making a mark in the fascinating world of IT 

Softwarica College takes great pride in the significant victory achieved at the EEPEX 2024 Robo War. This win not only shows our commitment to technological excellence but also stands as a motivating milestone for emerging IT enthusiasts. The victory in the EEPEX 2024 Robo War is a noteworthy chapter in our continuous journey toward molding future of technology leaders. 

Experience the robowar in this link. 

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