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Study abroad VISA rejected? Worry not! study Abroad From Nepal

Study abroad student VISA rejected? Worry not! Conquer Rejections Abroad

Recently, the trend shows that many Nepalese students are fascinated to pursue their higher education abroad. Undoubtedly, studying abroad can be a life-changing experience for many students to gain enormous opportunities for personal and professional growth. From gaining exposure to new cultures to gaining international degrees and networking, studying abroad can be an exciting prospect to open the door to a world of opportunities.

So, the benefits of pursuing higher education abroad are surely appealing, however, it is also a fact that the process of obtaining a student visa can be overwhelming and challenging, and unfortunately, many students do face rejections. Yes, student visa rejections are very common and have left many students disappointed as they watch their dream of studying abroad shattered in no time due to visa denials.

If you are among those whose student visa rejection has been heartbroken, we have great news for you. You can still fulfil your dream of acquiring high-quality education and international degrees at an affordable cost in Nepal itself. So, why not study abroad from Nepal? In this blog post, we will explore why studying in Nepal can be an excellent alternative for students who have faced visa rejections. Keep on reading.

What to do After Student Visa Rejection?

We understand a student visa rejection can be a significant setback for you. After all, you have spent considerable effort, time, and funds preparing to study abroad. Be mindful, a visa rejection definitely does not mean that it is the end of your academic journey. But, it is important to bounce back after visa rejection as quickly as possible. Here we have some useful tips to consider to overcome visa rejection. Let’s check on them. 

Understand common reasons behind student visa rejection

Firstly, it is essential to identify the reasons for your visa application rejection before exploring the alternatives for visa rejection. So, what are the common reasons behind visa rejection? Well, students’ visas get rejected for multiple reasons, the most common ones include lack of academic qualifications, incomplete documents, incorrect application forms, inadequate financial resources, and failure to meet the eligibility criteria the host country has set. It is crucial to understand the exact reason for your student visa rejection to make sure that you are better prepared for your next application. 

Overcome the problem

Once you know the reason why your study abroad visa got rejected, you can begin to consider alternative options to overcome the problem.  

While re-applying for a visa can also be an option if you can rectify the identified problem, it doesn’t always guarantee that you will get the visa this time. The other suitable option can be studying in Nepal itself to obtain an international degree which too can open the gateway to exceptional opportunities all around the world. In recent years, many colleges and universities have begun to offer international degrees to offer several benefits including exposure to a new culture, language learning opportunities, and worldwide recognized programs. So, if your key aim is to obtain an internationally recognized degree with high-quality education, then why apply abroad when you can achieve it in your own country? What do you say?  

Let’s explore more on why studying in Nepal can be an ideal alternative for those who have faced visa rejections.  

Why Not Study Abroad From Nepal?

Certainly, studying abroad provides students with an opportunity to experience unique cultures, build networks, and gain international exposure. However, many fail to realize that you can also gain those benefits while still studying in Nepal. In fact, studying in Nepal may offer additional benefits than studying abroad.

One of the biggest perks of selecting Nepal rather than going abroad is that it is more cost-effective here. With high tuition fees, studying abroad can be a very expensive affair. Upon that, the living expenses, visa fees, and transportation fees all add up to huge costs. Choosing to study in Nepal can help you save big on those expenses as it is a more affordable option. On tuition fees alone, you can save a lot. Furthermore, the living cost in Nepal is relatively low too, making it a suitable option for students with a moderate budget.  

Another superlative benefit of studying in Nepal is the quality of education you get. The education sector in the country has seen impressive growth in the last few decades. Today, many colleges offer international-level programs, which means that you can acquire a degree with excellent career growth opportunities without having to leave the country. The programs benefit you in the same way just like studying in foreign countries would. 

When you study Abroad From Nepal, you also get to network with professionals in your field. There are many universities and colleges in Nepal that have partnerships with international institutions. It means that you can also gain exposure to professionals from around the world. Therefore, studying in Nepal is also an excellent opportunity to make connections, build relationships, and gain insights into the industry of your study field.  

Finally, studying in Nepal means that you do not have to go away from your friends and family which is one of the disheartening disadvantages of studying abroad. Homesickness is a common issue for many international students, and you get to avoid that too. This is truly one of the most satisfying perks of studying in Nepal only.  

Therefore, if you have faced student visa rejections, no need to get frustrated – Nepal itself may just be the best place for you to continue your education.

How to study in Nepal after abroad visa rejection?

With so many awesome perks as discussed above, you may be now considering continuing your educational journey in Nepal only. However, it can be confusing to restart an education journey right after a visa denial. To make it easy for you, we have some tips on how you can continue your academic journey in Nepal after visa rejection. Let’s explore some useful steps.

1. Research and Choose the Right Institution

Obviously, choosing the right institution is the first step to consider to continue your studies in Nepal after a study abroad visa rejection. So, begin with the research on different universities and colleges in Nepal that offers the programmes in your field of study. While researching, it is crucial to examine various factors such as the college or university’s reputation, course curriculum, faculty of study available, and campus facilities. This will help you to identify the quality and standard of the institution. 

2. Check Eligibility Criteria and Admission Requirements

Once you have identified the institutions that offer the programmes in your desired field, do not start applying immediately. Firstly, make sure to check the eligibility criteria and admission requirements. This is because each institute might have different criteria, and it is important to ensure that you meet them before beginning the application process. The common criteria to consider are academic qualifications, entrance test requirements, and previous grading requirements.  

3. Apply and Prepare for the Entrance Exam

Once you have decided on the right institution after checking the eligibility criteria, you can begin the process to get admission. Many institutes in Nepal require you to go through an entrance exam to get enrolled, and you may want to make sure that you are well-prepared for the exam. So, look for the exam syllabus and practice as much as possible to ensure that you get through entrance tests with acceptable grades. 

Softwarica’s Credit Transfer Policy Allows You to study abroad!

When you choose to study at Softwarica College, you get an unique opportunity to transfer your credits and study abroad. After studying for at least one year at Softwarica college, our 100% credit transfer policy allows our students to continue their education at a university abroad.

With our education programme, you can fill your gap year with a valuable education that will enhance your career prospects and open doors to international opportunities. So don’t worry. Even if your student visa got rejected, you don’t need to hold back from pursuing your dream of studying abroad.


A student visa rejection can be a hard and disappointing experience. However, you can still obtain an internationally recognized degree at an affordable cost and continue your academic journey in Nepal only, and your journey starts with choosing the right institution. But, with so many universities and colleges today offering International programs, it can be daunting to select the right one.  

If you are looking for the right college to obtain an international degree, then we encourage you to consider Softwarica College to continue your study. At Softwarica College, we pride ourselves on providing a wide range of world-class undergraduate programs. Upon successful completion of the programs, you are awarded a globally recognized Coventry University degree. Get enrolled now to fulfil your dream of obtaining an international degree without requiring you to leave the country. You can even take advantage of our credit transfer policy to study at a top-ranked university abroad.

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