Tech-Ex 2023: Softwarica College's Spectacular Exhibition Celebrates Smart Technology and Student Innovations
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Tech-Ex 2023: Softwarica College's Spectacular Exhibition Celebrates Smart Technology and Student Innovations

Softwarica College, renowned for its excellence in IT and E-commerce education, successfully hosted a thrilling 4-day exhibition, Tech-Ex 2023, from July 27th to July 30th. The event took place at the college premises in Dillibazar, Kathmandu, attracting an astounding number of over 10,000 attendees, including esteemed politicians, celebrities, influencers, and the general public. This grand celebration of smart technology was inaugurated by the honorable Ms. Rekha Sharma, Minister of Communications and ICT, Nepal Government.

The highlight of the Tech-Ex 2023 was the enthralling "IoT Expo," where students from Softwarica College showcased their ingenious projects. Over 30 innovations were presented, each reflecting the cutting-edge knowledge and skill of the brilliant young minds studying at the institution.

Undoubtedly, the most thrilling event of Tech-Ex 2023 was the exhilarating "Robo War," where participants battled it out for supremacy in the arena of robotics. The competition reached its climax on the final day, capturing the attention and awe of the audience. Team "Viper Strike" emerged victorious, displaying exceptional prowess and strategic brilliance, while the formidable "Cazador" secured the well-deserved runner-up position.

For their remarkable achievements, Team "Viper Strike" was awarded a generous cash prize of NPR 75,000, while the talented runners-up, "Cazador," received NPR 25,000 as a token of appreciation for their dedication and innovation.

The "Smart Technology" exhibition served as a fantastic platform for students to demonstrate their passion for technology and its potential to revolutionize the world. From groundbreaking software applications to inventive Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, Tech-Ex 2023 was a true testament to the bright future that lies ahead for Nepal's technology landscape.

As an institution dedicated to academic excellence and innovative learning, Softwarica College has been organizing exhibitions annually to promote the outstanding work of its students. This year's event, dubbed "Tech Expo," stood out as a remarkable testament to the college's commitment to nurturing talented individuals and fostering a culture of technological innovation.

Softwarica College extends its heartfelt gratitude to all the attendees, participants, sponsors, and supporters who made Tech-Ex 2023 a roaring success. The event's positive impact on the community and the aspiring technologists of Nepal is a testament to the enduring spirit of innovation and progress.

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