Top 6 Most In-Demand Programming Languages in Nepal
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Top 6 Most In-Demand Programming Languages in Nepal

Top Most In-Demand Programming Languages in Nepal

Over the past few decades, technology has occupied integral parts of our life. From waking up with the alarms in our smartphones to working in an organization depending on the computer systems; to browsing through our smartphones before bed; our daily life is hugely impacted by technology knowingly or unknowingly. It shows that the technology sector is only growing at a fast-paced speed. Learning the most in-demand programming language provides you with opportunities to develop a fulfilling career in this immensely growing and rewarding sector.

Programming languages are available in hundreds of types, each of them with its unique uses and features. If you are new to application or software development, it can be tough to decide the best programming language to kick-start your programming journey in this competitive field with so many people stepping in each year. After all, you want to make sure that you are not wasting your time, energy, and money by selecting a programming language that does not offer a bright future. 

As it is crucial to be judicious and tactical when deciding on the programming language to learn, you may want to know which programming languages are popular today, which are the most used ones, and which are here to stay for the future.

Today, we will explore the top most in-demand programming languages which will help you to open a golden gate for the best career options in Nepal in the different IT fields such as mobile app development, web app development, game development, website development, programs development, and many others.

Without any delay, let’s begin with the introduction to the programming language to assist further in deciding the best programming language to learn in recent times. 

What is a Programming Language?

As we use different human languages to communicate with people, in the same way, programmers use programming languages to communicate with computer systems.

Programming languages are used for developing software, scripts, and applications, and providing instructions to the computers to perform particular functions. They consist of a set of semantic and syntactic rules for converting string values to generate machine codes that are understood by the computer.  

Although programming languages are applicable to both software and hardware, today, programming languages are most popular for their use in mobile and web development. 

Which Programming Language to Learn for a Better Career in Nepal?

Nepal is not untouched by the heightening of Information technology globally in recent years. With the advancement in technology, there are remarkable opportunities for proficient programmers in Nepal, that too with lucrative salary packages. But the road to success may not be that simple. With so many programming languages, it may be tough for you to identify the best programming language to offer the best career option in Nepal. To make it easy for you, we have assembled the most in-demand programming language for jobs in Nepal. 


You may be familiar with the worldwide popular apps such as Spotify, Instagram, Youtube, Autodesk, and Inkscape. Yes, all these amazing apps are built on Python. Interesting, right?

Also, Python is the most searched language on Google for programming tutorials. It indicates that; not only in Nepal, but it is one of the most demanding programming languages in the world

As a beginner in the computer language, python can be your best friend to start with. This is because python has a syntax that is similar to the English language which makes it simple to understand and easy to use; perfect for fresher to learn. When we say it is convenient to use, we are not underrating its capabilities which are packed with powerful features useful for machine learning, deep-learning applications, and artificial intelligence. The open-source programming language with user-friendly data structure and GUI framework aid mobile application developers to develop a program for popular Android and IOS platforms. 


 Despite being the oldest programming language, it is still one of the most in-demand programming languages which rank on a similar level as Python in terms of popularity. Java gets downloaded around a billion times in a year proving its dominance in the programming world. 

The perk behind Java’s success and popularity is its platform independence. You can run Java on all types of computers on which JRE (Java Runtime Environment) has been installed. Also, the programming language is object-oriented with a clear modular structure which makes it perfect for solving complex problems. The modular structure also allows you to write codes that can be reused numerous times, hence, smoothening the app or web development process. 

With its code reusability characteristics, you can develop a code in Java, and use the same code on different other Java supporting platforms again and again without needing to compile the code repeatedly. This saves you time and energy. 

Several popular companies like Airbnb, Uber, Amazon, Google, Instagram, Netflix, and many others have adopted Java in their tech development fields. They widely use this general-purpose programming language to develop mobile applications, software, web applications, and games. 


Originally introduced by Google, Dart is a new programming language compared to other popular ones. However, it did not take it long to win the hearts of many programmers for being a Single code base for several platforms. It helps you to develop apps on Android as well as iOS by applying a single codebase. Meaning that when you build an app with Dart, you can ensure that the apps will have similar looks on both iOS and Android platforms, unlike React Native where you are required to restructure some codes and components to build the same app for different platforms. This is what makes it one of the most preferred programming languages to learn for many.  

Moreover, this client-side-based programming language provides you with many wonderful tools for developing the perfect applications. The extensively useful tools such as designing features, optional typing, and dynamic typing, alongside the straightforward syntax, aids greatly in developing natively compiled applications. 


Have you been there when you open the webpage and you only see the written texts over there? Boring isn’t it? This is where JavaScript comes into action. The programming language is great in enhancing the webpage behavior which contributes to providing easy to use an engaging user interface with the features to add animations, interactive maps, checking forms, click bottoms, chatting boxes, and many more interactive features. 

 In the beginning days of its life, JavaScript was mostly used for only the development of the web browser. However, the scenario has changed a lot as the programming world saw immense improvement in its features and usage. Today, it is viewed as one of the most demanding programming languages in the world for both backend and frontend solutions. 

Because Java Script utilizes object-oriented and functional programming skills, this easy-to-learn programming language develops precious transferable skills which can be transferred to any other language such as C++, Python, Java, etc that you may want to learn later. Thus, JavaScript can be a great place to start a coding journey for many other programming languages too.  

PHP with Laravel

The simplicity to use is what makes PHP one of the widely used programming languages for writing server-side scripts and command-line scripts. Though easy to use, it is equally powerful for backend development for both mobile applications and web applications. 

The fact that more than 80 % of websites that you browse on the internet today are built on PHP, reasonably, ranks it as one of the most in-demand programming languages in the world.  

PHP has numerous frameworks with excellent features such as Laravel, Slim, CakePHP Codelgniter, Symfony, etc. Among these frameworks, Laravel is ranked as the best programming language framework by many programmers for its fruitful features such as supporting the database system and Command Line Interface. This object-oriented framework also follows MVC (Model, View, and Controller) architectural pattern which helps array your code for effortless maintenance. 


 Developed by Microsoft, ASP.NET is another open-source framework popular for its capability for developing reliable and reactive websites with its excellent features to combine MVC structure and Web API. 

Many top website-building companies prefer ASP.NET when it is all about building custom applications. This is because the application built on the platform can be run on multiple platforms such as Linux, macOS, and Windows. Plus, unlike other programming languages, ASP.NET does not require separate configuration and setup. So, it is time-saving too. 


 With hundreds of programming languages in existence, your journey to a gratifying coding career starts by selecting the right one. All of the above-mentioned programming languages are the most in-demand programming language in Nepal. So, if you are looking to learn the best programming languages that are in trend and that are most likely to stay there in the future, then starting with the one that interests you from the list can be a salient step toward the right track for a rewarding IT career.

After deciding on the best programming language, your journey starts with acquiring the right training and education. So, where to get started? Well, getting enrolled in vivid IT courses at Softwarica College provides you an opportunity to grasp most in-demand programming languages. We offer IT courses on Computing, Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security, and Data Science and Computational Intelligence which include numerous best programming languages as an intrinsic part. 


Which programming language is mostly used in Nepal?

Java programming language is mostly used in Nepal. Many top IT companies in Nepal frequently look for Java programmers which makes Java programming one of the most sought-after IT jobs in the country. 

Which coding language has the highest salary?

The salary of programmers highly depends on the skills and experience of the professionals. Proficient and experienced candidates can expect the highest salary in the coding languages such as Python, PHP, Java, JavaScript, SQL, C++, and Go.   

Which is better for future Java or Python?

Java and Python are two of the most popular programming languages in the world. Python is an ideal choice for those who are interested in back-end development, data science, machine learning, and app development. On the other hand, Java suits those who favor web development, Android app development, and big data. All the mentioned fields have a bright future in the IT field. So, it all depends on your interest to decide which programming language is better for the future. 

What are the most in-demand programming languages?

Among the hundreds of programming languages available in the IT world, the most in-demand programming languages include ASP.NEt, JavaScript, Java, Python, PHP with Laravel, and Dart. 

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