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Why linkedin is important for Students in Technology?

This is the digital age. It is safe to say that we all have an online identity. Through our social media profiles, online presence and activities, we have made a space for ourselves in the world of internet and digital communication. The online space is elastic and ever so expandable. When applying for any job or going for a job interview, we use our CV and/or resume. It resembles every professional information about us. But the world is competitive and looks for convenience. There are companies that only ask for your LinkedIn profile link, not your printed CV. Hey, you are applying for Tech companies, it matters!  So, don’t you think having a readily available professional profile will give you better exposure? 


For any student planning to pursue their career in technology, LinkedIn can prove to be extremely helpful.   


Here are some reasons Linkedin will prove to be careful for students involved in technology: 


  1. Personal and professional branding

    Linkedin is the best place for students to create and build their personal and professional brands. You can showcase your professional experiences, skills and interests, your educational background and so on. You can mention the projects that you have done in your college, the workshop you have attended and leadership roles you have taken in the college. Companies do value them. By creating a profile, you can create your own brand. It is obvious that the employers will check you out online. As per a research, 85% of employers say that a positive online“reputation” influences their hiring decision. Having a positive and strong branding will definitely contribute to your professional image and global presence.

  2. Build Your Network

    Like any other social media platform, Linkedin contributes to building your network – professional network. Linkedin has over 280 million users who are either seeking jobs, providing jobs and/or sharing their expertise. LinkedIn is not just a job board – it is also a place for you to upgrade yourself through communication and exposure. Connect with people who can help you grow in the field of technology.

  3. Stay Updated with the Professional Scene

    Linkedin is one of the most trusted portals to learn about updates in the technological field, job market and new-age job career options. We live in an unorthodox world and for us, career options are as vast as the sky. Through Linkedin, you can not only be updated about the professional scene, but also learn from experiences of your circle of network

  4. Converting Relationships into Opportunities

    Networking, undoubtedly, is one of the major advantages of being on Linkedin. However, the world of Linkedin is full of opportunities. Proper networking and relationship building can help you make your way towards great opportunities. You just have to maintain communication, a proper professional branding and keep your eyes open for opportunities.

  5. Connect with mentors and form a support circle

    This is an application filled with people who can be great mentors for you, and you have the opportunity to connect with them and learn from them. You can also form a support circle when you can refine your skills and help each other out to better your brand, profile and online presence.


There is a high probability that your employer will check your online presence, and to have a proper professional branding and profile for your employer to glance upon will definitely boost your chances. Apart from that, you have millions of people from the technological field to network with, to guide you and for you to learn from.


Some profiles for your reference:


Pramod Poudel 

 Ayushree Thapa

Amit Bajracharya

Pratiksha Rajopadhyaya



So, what are you waiting for? Open Linkedin and start working on your profile!

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