ethical hacking

Top 5 Trendy IT Skills to Boost Your Resume

Becoming an IT professional requires you to actively acquire new IT skills to keep up with evolving technology. It is vital to stay competitive in your IT career, regardless of what the future holds. As you craft a resume for a specific IT role, you must make sure you have the essential IT skills currently […]

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Ethical Hacking – Bad in a Good Way

If you have watched a thriller or spy movie, you have definitely come across the term “hacking” or “ethical hacking”. These two words are one of the most misunderstood words. People often consider hacking to be unethical but what they do not know is that hacking can also be used in a good way – […]

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Cyber Security vs. Ethical hacking: 4 Significant Differences to Note

Cyber security and ethical hacking are crucial parts of many organizations as cyber crimes are increasing at a high rate. Many people confuse the terms “cyber security” and “ethical hacking” to be the same. Although both of them play the role in protecting the computer system; they vary in their functions. Cyber security includes the […]

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Tips on how to protect against Cybercrime in Nepal

The transformation of the technological field has made criminals more nimble and more exclusive than ever before. If the man with ill intent robbed the bank of China sitting in the USA, you can logically understand the dimension of the problem. In the present day, our lifestyle and livelihood have been highly dominated by computers […]

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Importance of Ethical Hacking and CyberSecurity in Nepal

Ethical hacking and CyberSecurity are the need of the hour. As organisations are taking in more and more IT systems to facilitate their functions and process, it has become necessary for them to ensure these IT systems are safe and secured. Firewalls and antivirus applications are no longer sufficient to stop cyber attacks. Cyber threats […]

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