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Scope and Career Prospects After BSc. Hons Computing

After graduation from BSc Hons Computing in Nepal, students can commence their careers in a broad range of IT domains. Softwarica College provides the best BSc Hons Computing degree in Nepal.

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Importance of Ethical Hacking and CyberSecurity in Nepal

Ethical hacking and CyberSecurity are the need of the hour. As organisations are taking in more and more IT systems to facilitate their functions and process, it has become necessary for them to ensure these IT systems are safe and secured. Firewalls and antivirus applications are no longer sufficient to stop cyber attacks. Cyber threats […]

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Best BSc hons Computing In Nepal | Softwarica College

looking for the best college for BSc hons computing in Nepal, you may come up with a few options in your mind, and one of them would definitely be Softwarica.

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