Ten things you can do after 10+2/A+Level Exams

Things might look confusing after you finish your 12th grade board exams. It is the end of ‘high school’ and now you enter the realm of adulting, where everything seems fast-paced and intimidating. Here’s a thought – don’t think too much into it. Most adults you meet are winging it and probably don’t have much idea about where they are headed. Before you enter this wild world of choices, decisions, and other serious stuff, maybe you should try these exciting things, that will help you grow and develop your personality.

Here’s a list of ten things you can do after completing your 10+2/A+Levels:

  1. Join a hobby class

    Everyone has hobbies, I am sure you do too – unless your hobby is sleeping (which is perfectly fine), why don’t you join a hobby class. It can be anything – guitar classes or art classes. Maybe you are into learning computer based skills or public speaking, or something sporty like karate or basketball. Join a hobby class that will help you get better at things you like to do and turn it into a useful skill.
  2. Travel

    You can travel at any point in your life but maybe you could plan a trip with your college friends – with whom you might not meet regularly after this. Plan a trip that will be like a last hurrah – a celebration of the bond you have created in the last two years and a celebration of completion of a special chapter of your lives. You can even plan a solo trip. That would be fun and challenging. Nevertheless, travel!
  3. Develop some skills

    This is a magical time for you. You have some free time. Why don’t you focus on developing some skills? Learn to ride a vehicle – the commute will be easier if you have a license. Go to a cooking class – if you are planning to live alone or go abroad, this will be a lot of help. Regardless, cooking is a necessary life skill – everyone should know how to cook. Brush up your writing skills. Go to a photography/videography class. Develop some skills.
  4. Learn a new language

    We live in a world with around 6,500 spoken languages. How many of those can you speak? Not that many? Maybe it’s time to change that! Learn a new language! The world is globalized, and you never know where you will headed at or the places you will visit. Learning a new language will never go to waste. You will either use it when it is necessary, or to impress others. What a win-win situation!
  5. Take an online course

    The internet is dark and full of terrors – but it is also full of opportunities. One of them is online courses. You can take a number of online courses, relating to whatever interest you might have. Many of these courses are free of cost but full of credibility. It is time you use your internet connection for more than just chatting and watching dog videos. These courses will help you learn something new and grow your potential.
  6. Volunteer

    Volunteerism basically refers to offering your services for free. You won’t have any financial gain, but you will get a unique experience of what it feels like to do something for others.
  7. Read books

    Reading is not everybody’s favorite activity, and once you become busy in your lives, sitting and reading books is not always an ideal situation. But being well-read is important in today’s day and age. Reading books or newspaper or magazine will help you become more knowledgeable and have insight to everything happening around the world.It will also help you improve your English. So, go ahead, grab your books and start reading.
  8. Tutor younger students

    Since you completed your 12th grade, you can tutor younger students. This will have two advantages, first – you will pass on your knowledge and help someone else, and second – you will earn some pocket money.
  9. Focus on your personal growth

    This is the time to focus on yourself – not just your career, but you as a person. Ask yourself – how can you grow? What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? What makes you happy? Figure yourself out. Spend more time with yourself. Learn to love yourself. This is the time for you to grow.
  10. Figure out what you want to do next

    One of things you must do is think about what you want to do next. What is your next step going to be? Talk to others. Seek for advice. Listen to yourself. Do whatever you need to do to figure out what’s next for you.