Suman Bashyal – Batch: 27 ‘B’

Life is never the same and never turns out as we expect it to be. Somedays the wrath of the sun might burn you up, some days, your self-esteem might fall from a cliff and some days, all your motivations could drained out into the clouds. But you need to brace yourself for everything that might come across you.

My first semester was somewhat like this. The content was new and so was the environment. Far from my comfort zone, I was in a place where I needed to enhance my caliber by pouring enough toil. People say, “You need to have an investment for ensuring your better future.” Yet the investment is not any worth unless the investment is made on the right platform.

With God’s Grace, I was fortunate enough to get a suitable platform in the form of my college. My college provided me with all the infrastructures I needed to get closer to my dream. The college showed me how knowledge was fun and how fun was filled with knowledge. Days are never the same. Somedays, we feel we can conquer the world whereas somedays, we are too lazy to lay our legs off from our bed. Likewise, there were days when the content went all over my head but it didn’t stop me. Rather, it gave me different motivation.

I walked towards those steps where my teachers led me. I was always looking for the greater picture. I wasn’t only confined with the classroom activities but I explored all the contents to its every detail with the help of all the possible resources I could have gained. The routine I followed, the continuous labor I made and the determination I kept led me to the achievements I made.

It is said that you are greatly influenced by your circle and the people around you. Along with the finest teacher and the staffs in the college I was even blessed by the best of the minds to accompany me. I was surrounded by these laborious people who kept me motivated. The new ideas they come up with, the teamwork we did everything paid off at the end.

This journey showed me various aspects of life teaching some important lessons, gaining crucial experiences regarding life and a new way to find the best in me.