The Benefits of acquiring a UK degree in Nepal 

The Benefits of acquiring a UK Qualification in Nepal

The craze of acquiring a foreign university degree has been ever-increasing in the case of Nepali students. Of various countries for study options, UK is one of the most preferred ones. The United Kingdom houses more than 5,00,000 international students and this number is increasing every year. The country is ranked second to the United States in terms of international education.

Every year thousands of Nepali students apply for colleges and universities in the UK. But there is a certain percentage of Nepali students who want to obtain a university in UK while staying in Nepal. This is because obtaining a UK degree in Nepal  is equivalent to obtaining a degree studying in the UK. Additionally, acquiring a UK qualification in Nepal is compared to be must cheaper as the students won’t have to bear the living and accommodation expenses. 

Various colleges in Nepal provide UK degrees while studying and staying in Nepal. Students can also opt for online degrees in UK while studying in Nepal. If you want to acquire a UK degree but are confused about whether to travel to UK or obtain a UK degree in Nepal, we are here to answer your questions. There are various benefits of acquiring a UK qualification in Nepal. Let’s have a look at a few of them:

Academic Benefits of UK degree in Nepal 

With some of the world’s best universities in the UK, students can obviously benefit from the world-class education the universities in the UK. Since the colleges in Nepal offer UK degrees affiliating with the universities in the UK, students can expect the same quality of education as in the UK. Because of this, having a UK degree will help you get accepted into various international universities for further studies and also get a job in the top companies around the world. 

Similarly, while studying for a UK degree, you’ll get a wide variety of subjects to choose from and specialize in the field of your choice. Scholarships provided by various UK universities to Nepali students is another academic benefit of UK degree. In order to apply for a scholarship, firstly you’ll need to get accepted for the course of study.

Universally Recognized

Students in Nepal can get a universally recognized degree while studying in Nepal. Having a UK degree will be a huge advantage as it will be recognized all over the world. This is because the teaching and studying techniques for UK degrees follow the rigorous standards set by the British government for all UK higher education. The UK academic degrees make sure that their students have one of the best learning experiences that shape will lives and careers.

Also, having a UK degree in higher education will be a great addition to your CV. Companies all around the world love to hire graduates with UK degrees. With this, even if you acquire a UK degree in Nepal, you’ll be eligible to apply for the top companies worldwide. 

Acquire Additional Skills

Along with academic qualifications, students can also acquire various additional skills while acquiring a UK degree in Nepal. Understanding the need for various skills to succeed in today’s competitive world, UK degrees integrate various skill-related topics in the courses. Employers today look for employees with creative and analytical skills along with theoretical knowledge and good English writing and speaking skills. Since UK degrees are based in English, it will be even easier for the students. 

Comparison of Course Prices

Studying and acquiring a degree in UK is not easy in terms of cost and living expenses. Given the quality of education, the universities in UK are a bit expensive, especially for international students. The cost of degrees in UK varies according to the courses and the city where you’ll be studying. For example, for undergraduate degree courses, the fees for international students in the UK range between £10,000 and £26,000 annually for 3 years, if they are studying in England, Wales or North Ireland. 

You must be thinking of covering these expenses by working with a student visa. Here, you must note that international students in the UK are allowed to work for maximum of 20 hours per week. With such few working hours, it will be very difficult for international students to cover their tuition fees along with their tuition and living expenses.

Thus, acquiring a UK degree in Nepal is considered to be relatively cheaper as compared to acquiring a UK qualification by studying in the UK itself. 

Opportunity to Apply for a UK Student Visa

Students studying UK degrees in Nepal and students who have acquired UK degree in Nepal have higher chances of getting UK student visas for their higher studies and also for employment opportunities. Students with a degree from any of the UK universities are automatically for a Post Study Work Visa through Graduate Route. This is a great opportunity for students in Nepal who have studied for UK degrees from top colleges in Nepal as it provides them with the opportunity to study, work and live in the UK. 

Career Opportunities in the UK and Abroad

As mentioned above, even if you acquire a UK degree in Nepal, you’ll have equal career opportunities in the UK. With a UK degree, the students will be well-equipped with all the required skills in the competitive job environment. As soon as you complete your degree, you can start for apply for jobs in UK and all over the world with great confidence. In addition, if you score competitive grades, you might also get job offers from companies in the UK. 

All these benefits might have attracted you to get a UK degree. What would be better than getting the degree and all these benefits while studying in Nepal? Colleges in Nepal like Softwarica college offer various UK based degrees in Nepal. It is affiliated Coventry University in the UK. This is one of the best universities in the UK. Through Coventry’s worldwide network of collaborators in academia and industry, the 50,000 learners studying its degrees in different countries enjoy access to global opportunities which ensure their employment prospects are enhanced. At Softwarica college, students can choose from a wide range of undergraduate programmes.

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