The Key To Self Motivation

“Most people claim to understand the importance of goal setting in order to attain a better life, but in fact, approximately 80 percent of people never set goals for themselves. Even more surprising, of the 20 percent of the population that does set goals, roughly 70 percent fail to achieve the goals they have set for themselves,” states Douglas Vermeeren, best-selling author on goal settings.  

Everyone is motivated, but not always by the same reasons. It’s important to recognize and understand differences in motivators so that we don’t automatically assume that just because a person doesn’t seem motivated by one thing, that they aren’t motivated by anything. Different people have different things that motivate them. 

There are various things you can do to stay motivated.  

Break down goals into small steps   

The key to actually achieving your goals is to break them down into actionable steps. When you break down your goals, you can also set a specific time limit as to when you want to achieve them. This will help you stay on track with your goals, whilst not feeling like you are not reaching anywhere. The completion of each task can serve as a milestone of success. Thus, you will be motivated to keep going.  

Surround yourself with supportive people 

The people around you play a great role in keeping you motivated. The energy of those around you can directly affect yours. Surrounding yourself with people support you, root for your success and are willing to help you is a very great way of not just staying motivated, but also create an environment that is healthy and happy for you.  

Manage your expectations 

Expectations are good! It’s a good thing to have standards and expect for them to be met. However, it’s not good to let your expectations take control over you. Once we understand that our own expectations are nothing more than our best guesses sculpted into theory. These best guesses are really- at their core- our deeply held opinions mixed up with a big dash of hope.  But how can we manage your expectations –  

  1. Never assume  
  2. Enjoy your life like it is at the moment.  
  3. Reflect!  

Managing your expectations will cause less disappointment, and thus, keep you motivated. 

Celebrate small successes  

We often forget to celebrate the journey while we are aiming towards a certain destination, which leads to demotivation. The key to deal with this is celebrating small successes along the way. Whether it is a progress you made personally or professionally, whether small or big, celebrate it away!  

Speak to yourself positively

The way we speak to ourselves is the tone we set for ourselves in our head. We are our own biggest motivators. Thus, if we speak negatively to ourselves, we are on the path of the biggest demotivation. So, speak to yourself positively and keep yourself motivated!  

These are some of the ways you can stay motivated. What are some of the techniques that you use?