WordPress Kathmandu – Meetup 2020 at Softwarica College.

WordPress Kathmandu organizes a monthly meetup in various colleges and community venues as a part of “Giving back to the community”. The first meetup of 2020 was held at Softwarica College on January 5, 2020. The meetup was focused on knowledge sharing on two specific topics, namely – “Start a Career as a WordPress Professional” by the speaker, Surendra Shrestha, the Founder & CEO at Rigorous Web and “Getting started with WordPress and PHP” by Madan Panthi, a Freelance Developer and an active community member in Nepal. Through the session, the students got to learn more about getting into WordPress and the career opportunities from an insider perspective.

After the event, students interacted with the speakers, the community members and industry personnel, – wherein they were able to learn more about the community, get advice and also clear their queries about prospective career in WordPress.

Through such meetups, the students will be able to learn more, exchange ideas, and also build their network in the community.